This is how she lost 9 lbs in 4 weeks!

For the February Slim & Strong session I gave away 3 free spots under the following conditions: The person had to commit to 3x weekly Slim & Strong workouts, send me a daily food diary and check in with me once a week to talk strategy. Close to 50 people applied for the spots and I selected 3 people:

Lisa had done my Slim & Strong program years ago with great success, lost a ton of weight and became a passionate runner. However, some dramatic changes in her life led her to abandon all she had implemented to consistently and she put back on many pounds. She was ready to get back to feeling good and making herself a priority, rather than letting the stress build up and deal with it by stuffing it down.

Solange had also done Slim & Strong years ago and done well. Her work is very challenging and she found herself eating emotionally at night to comfort herself with sugar. That added several pounds, guilty feelings and not feeling good in her own skin anymore. She was ready to move beyond the emotional eating and find better ways to handle her stress.

Jenny had never done Slim & Strong, but had been in touch with me over the years on several occasions, always expressing that she desperately needed to lose weight. I never saw her come to any classes or make any moves, so this was the time I was going to hold her accountable for her goals she expressed so desperately. She was ready to consider plastic surgery, but didn’t die on the table as one of her friends. She had already started to experience health issues and realized that it was time to take her health seriously.

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These 3 ladies embarked on a strong journey, but only 2 made it through. Jenny didn’t make it to the workouts and many struggles ensued that she didn’t conquer and instead decided to drop out. Solange and Lisa stayed the course, focused on clean eating and regular workouts. No matter what happened – work stress, birthday celebrations, social outings and boozy brunches, they made them work. They didn’t focus on perfection, but rather both made sure that they tackled any challenge in a way that would allow them to feel good coming out of it. Solange went to a boozy brunch and decided to have 3 drinks and she undid it by balancing out the following two days by going lower on the carbs. Lisa had a week of birthday celebrations and learned that she no longer enjoyed sugar because she had sensitized her body to it so much, it left her feeling yucky. Both also realized that once they got the ball rolling, it was easy to stay the course, so both are back for another month of Slim & Strong.

Here are their before and after pictures and results:



Weight lost: 9.4 pounds

Body fat lost: .4% (She lost more, but due to dehydration the number is inaccurate)

5 inches lost

5% of her original weight lost

Almost 5 pounds of pure fat lost

solange1 solange


Weight lost: 2 pounds

Body fat lost: 3.9%

8.5 inches lost

4 pounds of muscle gained

6 pounds of pure fat lost!


How did they do it? Nutrition is 80%, so they managed to eat mostly veggies paired with lean proteins. They allowed themselves slightly more carbs on workout days and only veggies on non-workout days. They eliminated dairy, nuts, grains, and most fruit, and made sure to take rest days to allow their muscles to recover. Here’s a typical food day for Solange:

Food Diary – Workout Day

Pre-workout Vega Sport, one scoop

8:30am- Breakfast
Omelette with turkey, scallions, kale, spinach, broccoli and two slices of whole wheat bread
One black coffee

Half of a large grilled chicken salad with lentils, bell peppers, kale, spinach, scallions (I didn’t eat the whole thing. I wasn’t that hungry.)

Ate the rest of the salad and half an egg roll.

Went to sleep early today around 9:30pm

Food Diary on non-Workout Day

8.30am Large omelette with broccoli, scallions, spinach, kale

1pm Lunch Salad with grilled chicken, kidney beans, avocado, spinach, carrots

4.30pm Vega Sport Protein shake with water

8pm Chicken Soup with carrots, potatoes, broccoli, onions

90 ounces of water


Here’s how Lisa ate on Workout Days:

Breakfast – 2 eggs scrambled, beet salad, herring and one slice fitness bread. Iced coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Drink- Flat white with almond milk

Exercise – 20 minute bike ride

Lunch – Iced black tea, 1/2 Seafood Cobb Salad with Green Goddess Dressing. (Lunch with out-of-town guest who had Fish and Chips. I told her about my French Fry/Potato Chip trigger, so she didn’t offer or tempt me. Plus I had no desire to drink alcohol. )

Exercise – 55 minute bike ride

Drink – Flat white with almond milk (I’m obsessed), Chocolate Orgain Protein Powder Shake with water

Dinner – Chicken, Zucchini and Prosciutto. Mint Green Iced Tea

Drink – Spiced Green Tea

On non-workout days, she ate less, rested more and with that prevented any hunger or cravings.

The most important change these two ladies made was their mindset. They had both used food to compensate for the stress they were experiencing. They were reaching for a quick fix to address something that made them feel good for a few minutes. In the long run, however, they felt bad about their choices, were beating themselves up because they had gained weight and the indulgences didn’t leave them feeling any better, but worse. With the first few days of clean eating, they remembered how good it felt to nourish their bodies. The sweet cravings disappeared and the desire to indulge or sabotage themselves went away. They used exercise to handle their stress better and recognized that eating  clean diet is a much better stress management tool than overeating processed and sugary foods. That new mindset will be stronger than any temptations that will be coming their way. They are now both able to complete our workouts with great focus, they push themselves through the tough parts and see their improved muscle tone and body confidence. No piece of junk food can match that.

How are you going to feel a month from now? We just started our March Slim & Strong session. Feel free to join our drop-in sessions here and see for yourself what you’re capable of!