The December Slim & Strong Winner lost 6.9% body fat!

Raquel won Slim & Strong December!
During a time when most people struggle with the abundance of temptations and parties everywhere, the majority of my Slim & Strong Program participants did very well. Many were able to say no to the alcohol at holiday parties, managed to enjoy just a little instead of overdoing it and feeling terrible the next day.
Raquel joined Slim & Strong with the goal to get leaner and get more defined. She put to use all she learned in the nutrition workshop, the daily emails and asked questions when things were unclear. She even went on vacation during the program and came back feeling lighter and fitter. She reported that in previous vacations she’d let herself go, but this time around she not only worked out regularly, but also chose healthy foods that made her feel good in her bikini. She even noticed that family members were feeling the effects of too many carbs and felt lethargic hours after big meals – she had never noticed that before and now she could spot what they could be doing better.
I want to congratulate Raquel for losing 6.9% body fat, 6 inches and 2% of her original weight. 
I’m very happy for her because the greatest shift happened in her mindset. Once she learned about the connection of food and mood/energy/cravings, she was able to implement the changes that created such dramatic fat loss. Even while on vacation she stuck with morning workouts and clean meals with only a few indulgences and returned feeling amazing.
Rock on and enjoy the $250!