Slim & Strong December: Brittany won by losing 6.4 lbs, 3.5% body fat and 6 inches in only 3 weeks!

December is always a challenging month. Parties over parties and the holiday foods can be a challenge for many. After all, this time of year rolls around only once a year and you want to enjoy it. However, my definition of enjoyment is when you can have fun while doing it AND afterwards. So, I’ve learned over the years to have a little something of things I really want, such as a hot dog from the German Holiday booth in Columbus Circle or my mom’s x-mas cookies (a few and I’m happy), but I no longer have blow-outs that I later retreat and spend months on working off.

My December Slim & Strong participants were incredibly focused. They liked the accountability of being in the program and it made it easier for them to say no at parties. Some used the program as an excuse not to indulge when their friends asked them to join in. The results were amazing. Not only did people feel great at the end of the year, looked better in their ugly x-mas sweaters :-) but they also felt empowered by feeling in charge of their food choices, their bodies and metabolism.

The winner of the Slim & Strong Session was Brittany. Keep in mind that she achieved these changes in only 3 weeks!

Brittany lost 6.4 lbs, 3.5% body fat and 6 inches!

You can see the great changes in her abs, shoulders and improved posture.

brittany1 brittany2

The winner of Slim & Strong is always determined by most body fat lost AND most muscle gained. It’s a hard feat and requires a well-balanced exercise, nutrition and rest approach. I checked in with her a few days ago and was glad to hear she’s been doing great.
Here’s her update:

Hi Ariane,
You read my mind – I was about to contact you. Thank you for the update on the classes, definitely need to get back on track. I have not been the best with my workouts/cooking lately, but have been focusing on interviewing/making a job change which I realized I need to do for my overall happiness. Thanks for making me realize what changes I need to be making in 2017 for a happier, less stressful life!
Can’t wait to start using my classes over the next week or so! Thank you again for everything. I have made it a habit to stick to as much protein as possible – especially for breakfast, cut out all sweeteners (only using stevia in my coffee), and keeping dark chocolate at my desk if I crave a sweet midday. – Brittany
See, sometimes you get more than better fitness, a better body and better health. Many people realize the issues that prevent them from putting their health first.
Hope to see you in February. We’re starting on the 2nd. Here are the details:
Slim & Strong
The Basics of Fatloss
February 2-28, 2017
Join our 4-Week Slim & Strong program and win $200 for dropping the most weight and body fat percentage. Get the attention of a personal coach at the price of group sessions.
Slim & Strong is not for the uncommitted. It delivers the blueprint program for you to achieve a lean, fit and strong body. It teaches you how to create fatloss through nutrition and exercise, how to develop the mindset of an athlete, and helps you to move from constant dieting to feeling in charge of yourself.
Its designed to help you drop significant body fat, gain lean muscle, lose at least 10 pounds. This program is designed for everyone who has been dieting without lasting results, wants to get out of diet prison, learn what really works and get over food and body obsession to find lasting balance in a kickass body.
What do you get?
12 Slim & Strong workouts (2-3 per week)
4 Yoga Classes (1x a week)
Before and after measurements (Body fat, lean mass, inches)
Before and after pictures
Daily emails with fat loss nutrition hacks
A fat loss nutrition plan
A fatloss nutrition workshop
Goodie bag with our favorite fat loss snacks, tank top and resistance bands
Your teammate will keep you accountable as much as Arianes regular check-ins.
Locations(showers and lockers available):
Stepping Out Studios, 37 W. 26th Street (6th Ave) Mondays 6.30pm, Thursdays 7am, 6.30pm, every other Saturday 10am
Complete Body & Spa, 301 E. 57th Street (2nd Ave) Tuesdays & Fridays 6.30am
I look forward to working with you to feel your absolute best!