Should I work out more to see faster results?

Hi Ariane,

i’ve been doing your Body Burn classes for 2 weeks, 3x a week. I’ve seen a drastic change in my waist and my strength has improved so that I can almost do the 55 full body push ups. Would you recommend the Insanity workout videos in between your workouts? I’m thinking once a week. It has 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes plyometric cardio, core cardio & balance and other workouts.

You are right about the long cardio workouts not being good for my body type. Im noticing HIIT exercises work better for me. I used to run often before I developed plantar fasciitis and I remember being overly hungry on those days. Thinking back, I remember interval running with short sprints showed better results. – S.

Hi S.,

the insanity workouts are great, but they are similar to what we’re doing in class, so doing more than 3 high intensity training hours a week can backfire again and prevent muscle growth, make your body more stressed out and can also make you hungrier. You do need the time to recover from our workouts. Start by adding only one 30-minute workout a week and then if your appetite is controlled, your energy good, your sleep unaffected, you can go to 45 minutes or 60 minutes.


However, what you really want to add to counterbalance the HIIT training we do in class is more walking and other low-intensity cardio. Our classes have a beneficial hormonal impact and stimulate fat loss, muscle growth, and the release of growth hormone, the youth hormone. This is the result of doing intense strength training with intermittent cardio intervals, followed by lower intensity moves to create a rest response. Doing more  intense workouts can stress out your body to the point where you increase the release of fat-storage hormones, such as cortisol and insulin. Additionally, you can create nervous system issues in constantly stimulating the fight-or-flight response (your sympathetic nervous system). How do you know you’re overdoing it? You’re not recovering well from workouts (sore for days, no strength during workouts, low energy, sleep interruptions), your appetite increases, you have sugar cravings, your mood is affected and at its worst, your menstruation, digestion and thyroid function are affected. Ultimately doing too much exercise without the balance of rest and recovery can actually damage your metabolism and make you fat.

So, experiment with adding one more HIIT session, but you absolutely have to add rest-based activities to balance our the intensity of the HIIT workouts. That includes rest days, foam rolling, walking, massages, enough sleep, epsom salt baths and yoga or stretching.

More is not better and yet most trainers and gyms will promote that model. Has it worked? Look around and you tell me. Creating a balanced workout is a challenge because the right workout changes your body. The wrong workout can do a number on your metabolism and you can find yourself constantly working out and dieting without seeing a difference. Less is more, but you have to focus on creating the right hormonal impact on your body to create that lean, athletic physique. Continue your clean eating, 3x weekly Body Burn workouts and continue with your walking and rest days. Your body is changing very quickly and there is no need to look for the magic pill right now. A change in workouts and nutrition should occur when you hit a plateau. Until you get there, stay the course.

Cheers, Ariane