In this 1-hour workshop Clinical Nutritionist and Fitness Expert Ariane Hundt will teach you how fat burning nutrition and fitness can become fun and enjoyable, not just a temporary effort. She will teach you how to create a lean and toned physique using food and share with you the tips and tricks you just won’t learn in a diet book: how to keep your metabolism running on high, how to get rid of sugar cravings and a big appetite, how to stay energized all day long and how to repair a sluggish metabolism that just doesn’t seem to want to budge anymore.

You’ll learn:

  • What foods create fat loss?
  • How do you get through a weight loss plateau?
  • How do you eliminate sugar cravings and a raging appetite?
  • What workouts are ideal for your metabolism?
  • Workout nutrition: should you eat before or after and what?
  • How do you know your metabolism is damaged and how to you repair it?
  • How do you bring about muscle tone and definition?
  • How do you work with your menstrual cycle? What two weeks are ideal for fat loss and which will really change your lower body?
  • How to go from being a yo-yo dieter to eating like an athlete
Date & Location:
June 2017 TBA
CRS, 123 Fourth Ave (at 12th Street, below Union Square), 2nd Floor
Investment: $25 and an hour of your time



Work with Ariane One-On-One

Ariane is available for the following:

  • One-on-one Nutrition Consultations (in-person or Skype)
  • KickStart sessions (Nutrition session with workout plan creation and follow-up)
  • Corporate Nutrition Workshops and Wellness Seminars

For further information, please go to or contact her directly:
or 646.354.0039

I am very thankful, euphoric and wish everyone to discover this great service. Your whole life improves, you feel free, strong, and energetic.

Leoni, Nutrition Consulting