Join our 21-Day NutriBullet Detox!

Starts January 1, 2017
Join our 21-Day Nutribullet Detox and create a healthy, lean and fit you in just 3 weeks.
In this guided online program, you will give your body the kickstart it needs to feel light, healthy and energized.
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The program is designed to help you understand your body better and make lasting changes long after the Detox program is over. The first weekwill focus on educating you on the foods that help create a lean, fit and healthy body. You will get recipes for clean meals and suggestions for Smoothies that will boost your health, digestion and detox organs. We will be using the NutriBullet (or any other powerful blender Vitamix, Ninja, etc) to create healthy and delicious detox shakes. This will help your digestive system relax, your body burn body fat fast, stimulate the release of stored toxins in your fat cells, and leave you feeling energized, focused, light and strong.
Clearer skin, regular digestion, improved sleep and focus, more balanced mood and several pounds of water loss are just a few of the immediate effects. You will get a workout schedule with workouts to do at home, designed to help you burn body fat, feel energized and lean, while at the same time helping you sculpt a strong and defined body. To take your detoxification a few notches deeper, we will add guided meditations, hypnosis sessions and goal setting sessions to detox not just your body, but your mind, so there is nothing in the way of you being your best self.
What do you get?
• 49 NutriBullet recipes (dessert shakes, chia pudding desserts, green smoothies)
• Daily emails with inspiration, specific instructions on what to eat, and health education on what is happening with your body during a detox program.
• Recipes for clean meals
• Guided meditations and hypnosis sessions
• Goal setting session to help you identify and remove roadblocks.
• A Workout Plan to boost fat loss and to shape your body
Among the issues covered in your daily emails are:
* Fruit – detox friend or foe?
* How do you stimulate both phases of detoxification?
* How to incorporate foods back into your diet?
* How to identify what you’re allergic to.
* What foods stimulate healing? Which create disease?
* How your blood type determines food allergies,
* How to create lasting lifestyle changes by changing just one thing
* What veggies reduce toxins in your body?
* How should you time your nutrients?
* How to minimize the impact of stress on your body
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that meet detox guidelines
Your commitment: 
• Eliminate alcohol
• Eliminate all sugar (white, artificial, juices, processed, junk, soda)
• Eat 2-3 clean meals (protein and veggies) a day and drink 2 smoothies daily
• Commit to 3 hours of exercise a week
• Take good care of your body by incorporating clean foods designed to detoxify your entire system – instructions emailed daily
• Drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day
Price: $97
Questions? Please email Ariane at