How to make your clean eating a fat loss success!

My Slim & Strong participants started their clean eating plan this week and the first food diaries are coming in. Here’s one from Andrea, who is planning her week. Take a look at what she has in mind and how she will have to navigate her week to make fat loss happen:
Ariane,Here is my meal plan for next week. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.




Breakfast: Vegetable Protein shake

Snack: Eggs with Asparagus

Lunch: Chicken and Vegetables

Snack: Protein shake

Dinner: Fish with Vegetables

Exercise: Yoga/Pilates/Stretch



Breakfast: Vegetable Protein shake

Snack: Turkey and Broccoli

Lunch: Vegetable omelette

Possible cheat meal

Snack: Tuna with Avocado and Peppers

Dinner: Vegetable Protein shake

Exercise: Slim & Strong


Hi Andrea,
that all looks great. You’re planning on combining a lean protein with lots of veggies at every meal.
It’s great to plan, but be also mindful of the challenges that may just come out of the blue. If you can understand why they happen and what they mean, you can then tackle them AND make progress. People who always use challenges as an excuse to eat sugar or processed food, can set themselves back, only to then start the next diet and binge cycle all over again. Here are the most common issues that arise:
  • a raging appetite
  • sweet cravings
  • dinners out
  • feeling tired
  • not being hungry
  • not having worked out
A plan is great, but do stay flexible throughout and allow yourself to change course as need be.
What do these challenges say about your body and how do you tackle them?
  • a raging appetite: you may not have eaten enough fiber and protein. Eat more and drink water. You may also be dehydrated. You may be sleep-deprived and that raises cortisol levels, which make you very hungry. You may be stressed – also makes you hungrier. You may have worked out a lot and didn’t eat enough.  The veggie protein shake for breakfast may not fill you up as much as you thought, so you may want to have it for snack time and have the eggs for breakfast to fill up more.
  • sweet cravings: could be stress-related, sleep-deprivation related, could be due to the fact that you had too many starches in the previous meal, could be hormonal. How to handle? Drink the branched-chain amino acid drink when a craving strikes (MRM Reload Watermelon Flavor- 2 scoops in a big bottle of water) or the dark hot cocoa (mix dark cocoa powder in hot unsweetened almond milk, add stevia). Both will blunt your appetite, create a sense of well-being and kill your cravings without a single gram of sugar.
  • dinners out: you can make good choices no matter where you are. It’s your choice. lean protein and veggies are available everywhere
  • feeling tired: get at least 7 hours of sleep. Make sure you don’t overdo the exercise and ensure you have a lower intensity workout day following the day after slim and strong.
  • not being hungry: it’s ok to skip a meal, just as long as your blood sugar is balanced. If you skip a meal and then cave in with the next, at least have a protein shake (mix clean protein powder in water or unsweetened almond milk, such as Tera’s Whey, Orgain Vanilla or Jay Robb, Vega Sport Protein)
  • not having worked out: on rest days you don’t burn as many carbs as on workout days. Adjust your carb intake accordingly and focus on veggies. Skip the starches.

I like that you plan on having your cheat meal on the day of Slim & Strong because that allows you to burn off some of the excess carbs in the workout.

Let me know how you do this week!
Cheers, ariane