How do you lose 20 lbs in 21 days? NutriBullet Detox!

Yesterday a group of participants finished their 21-day NutriBullet. They committed to giving up alcohol, sugar and junk food and drinking two NutriBullet shakes per day. Some stuck to only protein and veggies for 21 days and some others decided to add back foods they had eliminated in the first week.

The results were inspiring once again. The winner of the NutriBullet Detox is determined not just by weight lost because the number on the scale doesn’t tell you the truth. We measure your weight, your body fat percentage and inches. Then I calculate how much body fat was lost and how much muscle was gained. These measures determine how much your body composition has changed.

Daniel blew everyone away by losing 19.4 lbs. He stuck to the program and ate only lean proteins with vegetables 3x a day and drank 2 NutriBullet shakes. He had signed up for the Detox because his brother is getting married and he wanted to feel and look great. Take a look at his unbelievable changes:

Many people asked about his secret. Well, the “secret” was that he stuck to the plan and ran 3 miles every day. People, there is no magic pill. It’s 80-90% diet and 10-20% exercise. Do the work and don’t wait for miracles to happen.

Kara won first place since she managed to drop loads of body fat while putting on muscle. A difficult feat because muscle only builds when calories are not cut too much and when you eat adequate protein. She made it happen.

1st Place: Kara: 
Weight loss: 6 lbs
4.3% of her original weight lost
Body fat % loss: 4.4%
Lean muscle gained: 2 lbs
Fat lost: 8 lbs

2nd Place: Daniel: 

Weight loss: 19.4 lbs
9.6 % of his original weight lost
Body fat % loss: 3.2%
Lean muscle lost: 8.2 lbs (when you initially lose weight and cut calories muscle loss is quite normal)
Fat lost: 11.2 lbs

3rd Place: Laika:
Weight loss: 3.6 lbs
2% of her original weight lost
Body fat % loss: 2%
Lean muscle gained: .8 lbs
Fat lost: 4.6 lbs

Congratulations Detoxers! You had an incredible three weeks. I hope they will forever remind you just how good you can feel when you put your mind to clean eating and drinking veggie shakes.

Want to join us for the next NutriBullet Detox? We are starting November 7th. There will be three ways you can join:

1. Remotely – get the daily emails, the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Workout DVD and a team mate
2. Take 6 outdoor boot camp workouts, get a goodie bag with the DVD, tank top, daily emails,
3. Take 6 indoor boot camp workouts, get a goodie bag with the DVD, tank top, daily emails

Details, pricing and sign up here