How did these women lose so much body fat in only 4 weeks?

I haven’t seen such impressive results in several months. The March participants lost a massive amount of body fat, pounds and inches. Here are the winners:

Evette lost 5.2 lbs, 5 inches, and 5.1% body fat. That translates into having put on 6% of muscle. Imagine what that will do for her metabolism. All that added muscle makes her leaner and because she also lost 7.9 lbs of pure fat, that gives her some serious lose clothes. She’s also feeling much more energized and has seen her sugar cravings subside. Congratulations Evette!



Gail also had a stellar month:

While the scale only showed a loss of .4 lbs, which seems like not much change, her body fat drop of 4.2% shows that she has lost 3.5 inches, 7.3 lbs of pure fat, and added 6.5% of muscle to her body. Congrats Gail! You made it happen, despite quite a few temptations, but you stuck it out!

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Krisna lost 5.1 lbs, dropped 5% body fat, which translates into having lost 10 pure pounds of fat and she put on 5 lbs of muscle. Phenomenal results!

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Ambreen did her ‘after’ measurements three weeks in already, so her results are amazing:

She lost .4 lbs and 3.6% body fat, which translates into 4 inches lost, 5% muscle mass gained and 6.6 lbs of pure fat lost. Fantastic work!

Jenny and Lisa both lost more than 3.6% of their original weight, which is an amazing feat.

What did they do to achieve these amazing results in only 4 weeks? They followed the principles of the Slim & Strong program:

1. Effective exercise: 3 classes a week, plus lots of walking

2. Clean eating: They put to use what they learned in the nutrition workshop and created a fatloss lifestyle

3. Rest & Recovery: Foam rolling, epsom salt baths, massage, at least 7 hours of sleep to help put the body into a state of calm and fatloss, to help boost digestion and nutrient absorption, and to help the muscles grow. Rest days are key.

4. A change in mindset. A quick fix is easy, but maintaining effective changes is the key to keep your amazing body. The daily emails are part of helping you understand that it’s about a lot more than losing a few pounds, but it starts much deeper  - with the relationship you have with yourself.

5. Guidance: All participants shared food diaries, asked questions when they were unclear of the next step and ran by their workout and nutrition schedules for approval. Ask for guidance and you can stop the trial and error and put to use what works fast.


Join us in April for Slim & Strong – April 11-May 5th.

I look forward to helping you feel and look great!

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