Fitness: It’s for Life, not just for 30 days!

I have been offering my 4-Week Slim & Strong program for 7 years now. Every month new participants sign up who want to lose fat, get lean and get into great shape. Some make incredible changes in a month and drop 10 pounds or more. They change their outlook on food, how they feel in their body, learn the most effective way to work out to see changes fast. They learn everything they can during that month. They ask questions about nutrition and exercise and ask for guidance when they’re challenged. They make full use of the program and work it and rock the results.


However, there are also always people who sign up and work only part of the program. They may come to all 12 workouts, but not change their diet because they think it’s all about how many calories you burn (it’s not…). They may go on a diet and restrict themselves, without learning anything about their body in the progress and after 4 weeks go back to their old habits. They may go so extreme that they end up unable to maintain any of it because changing your entire life is unrealistic. They think that a 4-week program will solve all their body issues.

Then there are those that start with amazing intentions, show up to every workout for the first week, then miss one and decide with their all-or-nothing attitude that they might as well miss the rest too because they weren’t ‘perfect’ in their attendance. Their black-or-white mindset can’t be flexible and adapt to what life throws at them. There are all kinds in Slim & Strong and as a Fitness, Nutrition & Motivation Coach it is my goal to help everyone fill in the missing bits and pieces to help them understand the full picture.

What’s the full picture? Fitness is a lifestyle, not a 4-week effort. Fitness is a mindset where you recognize what your body needs way beyond the 4 weeks. Once you understand what type of workout is ideal for your metabolism, what foods speed up your metabolism and which create fat storage and disease, how food affects you emotionally and how to tackle life’s challenges you have won. The Slim & Strong program supplies all that, but it is up to the participant to take advantage. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Here’s to a new month of Slim & Strong. If you want to lose body fat, get lean and fit, learn what’s best for your unique metabolism and how to handle the typical challenges that derail progress, this is your program. Let’s create a body you can keep for the rest of your life, a mindset that helps you stay in shape, and a nutrition approach to fuel your body and health.

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Here’s the scoop:

Slim & Strong

March 7-April 1, 2016

The 4-Week Slim & Strong Challenge is a fat loss program not for the uncommitted. It’s designed to help you drop significant body fat, gain lean muscle, lose at least 10 lbs, and kickstart your metabolism. This program is designed for everyone who has been dieting without lasting results, has a slowed-down or damaged metabolism and wants to get out of diet prison.

Compete to win $250 for dropping the most weight and body fat.
What do you get?

  • 3x weekly workouts (15 max)
  • Before & After Measurements and Pictures
  • Daily emails with nutrition, workout education and motivation
  • A customized fat loss nutrition plan
  • A Nutrition Workshop that teaches you how fat loss works – forget everything you’ve ever read in a diet book
  • Goodie bag with tank top, resistance bands and my favorite fat loss snacks
  • A team mate to hold you accountable

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You can attend boot camp classes at the following locations:

• Complete Body & Spa, 301 E. 57th Street (2nd Ave)

Mo, Wed, Fri 6.30am

• Stepping Out Studios, 37 W. 26th Street (6th Ave)

Mo, Tue, Thu 6.30pm. Sat 10am

Your motivation:

• You want to feel and look your best by Summer!

• You want to stop struggling with food

• You want to learn what really works for your metabolism

• Win $250 for losing the most body fat % and % of body weight

How to join:

• Sign up by March 6th, 2016
• Get your ‘before’ weigh-in and measurements before your first class
• Get your ‘after’ weigh-in and measurements done at your last class

Price: $299

See you on Monday! Sign up here.