Food Diary Feedback: How much fat are you eating?


I think I have been eating so much better than last year, but other than having lost a few inches and pounds I don’t feel my body is changing much as of late. Can you please take a look at my food diary and tell me what is going on? Thanks, Lori


9:30am 2 egg omelette with turkey, veggies, 1 slice american cheese & 3 pieces turkey bacon

1pm stir fry – steak, veggies, sesame oil. (too much oil, upset stomach)

1:30 Hershey kiss

4:45 2 handfuls of pistachios

7:30 olives, meat, cheese and 2 glasses of wine

10pm dinner (all shared):

Foie gras appetizer (one piece of bread)

Green salad

Short ribs



thanks for the food diary. I would like to see if you know what you’re doing right and what not. Do you understand how to put your body into a fat burning state? Can you tell me what foods are good and which are not? – Ariane

Ariane, okay -
Breakfast: too much protein, cheese completely unnecessary, turkey bacon processed and probably just as bad as regular bacon.

Lunch – stir fry would have been OK if I had made it myself and used minimal oil.

Afternoon snack – nuts okay in moderation but i really needed some veggies and maybe a better source of protein.

Wine, Cheese, meat – the meat and cheese would be OK to have in moderation as long as I didn’t have the rest of the junk that day. Wine, is, well, obviously a cheat. 

Dinner – Foie gras – FAT on bread! bad. Short ribs – fatty and sugary. Need more veggies at dinner.  

Yes, I admit this was definitely an unprepared day. Lori


Right on. You know what’s missing and what needs some change. And, you eat quite a bit of fat. Going forward ask yourself if you really need to add more nuts and cheese if you could instead load up on veggies. 

Your breakfast of two eggs (10g of fat), 1 slice cheese (6g of fat), turkey bacon (… not sure about fat, depends on the type) is loaded with at least 20 grams of fat. You need 10 grams max per meal).

Then, more fat for lunch from the oil… then more fat from the pistachios – probably around 20 grams if you had two handfuls… olives – more fat. Cheese – more fat. Meat – more fat. And, it’s all animal fat, so not unsaturated but the type that clogs up your arteries. And then two glasses of wine that get converted straight away into fat by your liver because alcohol calories cannot be used by your body. They go right to your fat cells. Then foie gras… short ribs… hello! You may be eating ‘clean’ because you’re not eating grains and starches, but definitely not a diet that’s going to help you shed pounds and drop body fat. You eat way too many calories and the animal fat calories along with the loads of protein from animal sources are not necessarily balanced by a good amount of veggies. Then, alcohol to top it all off. Your poor liver has to handle all that, so please don’t overload it.

Keep in mind that to achieve fat loss, you have to eat a lean protein at every meal, paired with veggies that are rich in fiber. You ate as much fat as you would need in 2-3 days! Stick to 2 cheat meals a week and you will still get to enjoy your favorites without them going right to your belly and hips. Ask yourself next time if you eating to live or living to eat.

Let’s try this again with another food diary tomorrow.