What is the secret to permanent fat loss?

I spent the better part of my young adult life going from a diet to the next with intermittent episodes of “what the f#$%, nothing is working, let’s eat…”. I was basically existing between the space of ultra restriction and binging. I could go for 2 weeks on a Master Cleanse easily. I could commit to eating a non-fat diet for a month. I could also do a fruit juice cleanse for 3 weeks, but guess what. They either didn’t work at all (juice cleansing made me put on 10 lbs, I turned into super-biatch, and couldn’t focus on anything…), made me feel awful, borderline eating disordered, or made me really hopeless. I also realized that I’d never get rid of my thighs that my mom simply called “strong legs”. So, I would stop it all and then just jump into the fridge head-first and devour whatever I wanted. Yeah, that also didn’t work. So, lets’ just say, I know that space very well that exists between ‘diet land” and “let-loose land”. The restriction creates a perceived safe space of control and limitations. And the act of not following any diet rules allows you to feel free.

The truth, however is, that neither is a happy space to live in because neither is something you can keep up for an extended period of time….unless you’re eating disordered, of course. In the book “The Untethered Soul”, which by the way is a life-changer, so order it if you haven’t read it yet, the author Michael Singer describes how we let the pendulum swing so hard to one side (that would be you going our for a few drinks and a burger and then a midnight pizza) to only realize that it makes us feel unbalanced (that would be you waking up feeling like death, feeling bloated, disgusted and out of shape…). The feeling of imbalance is so uncomfortable for us that we seek out extremes to correct the imbalance and let the pendulum then swing really hard to the other side (That’s you going on a 5-day juice fast because you realize you totally overdid it the other night).


Ultimately, health exists in that space between the two extremes. It’s called BALANCE and surprisingly, it’s elusive and hard to catch. Some people look for it in the gym. Others in nights out with friends. Others in travel, and yet others in wild shopping sprees. We all have a way of balancing out the extremes in which we live. It’s a lot simpler though to find balance. How?

You start in your own grey matter. You decide that past extremes haven’t gotten you to your happy place (why not take out a pen and paper and jot down every extreme attempt you’ve started and what came of it. If you sustained anything for longer than a month, I want to hear form you!) You realize that if you want anything for life, you have to work at it consistently.  If you want a paycheck every month, you gotta show up at work. If you want a fulfilling relationship, you have to work at it, every day and communicate and share, and be there with open arms and an open heart. If you want a healthy body that turns heads, you have to treat it like it is the most precious thing you own. Because it is. Ask anyone who has a terminal illness. Ask anyone who is dealing with a disease or has an injury or simply just has a cold for a few days. It’s not a good feeling, so the sooner you recognize that it is the consistent effort with which you take care of yourself that creates balance, the easier it will be to eat well, exercise and get enough rest.  It will be your life, not a 30-day effort. It will be normal, a daily ritual, a habit, something so deeply ingrained that you wouldn’t dare to do anything else. Yes, it sounds so easy and it can be, if you just put in a few decisions about what makes you feel your best. No, it’s not the juice fast or the 15-hour workout day. It is … well, you actually already know, but you’ve been too focused on going for the big magical promises of change that made you forget to listen to your gut.

Here’s my client’s email about wanting to do something extreme to make some last minute changes in her body before a wedding. See for yourself:

“Hi Ariane,

I was thinking since I’m going to a wedding a week from tomorrow, I could do some kind of NutriBullet cleanse next week? I’m home all week, and only have one dinner meeting out that I have to go to.

What do you think? I could do something extreme like all three meals with NutriBullets, or NutriBullets and then real dinner? No dairy, no alcohol? I realize I won’t lose weight before the wedding, but maybe I’ll feel better?

 Thanks again,




Before you get into this extreme diet mindset and plan a cleanse, think about it:

The reason you want a detox or a cleanse is to undo the food overdose you had or are having now. If you now let loose on food and booze just because you know you will clean it up in an extreme cleanse, you are continuing a vicious cycle of dieting and overeating. That’s the worst thing you can do for your metabolism in the long run. For your mind that isn’t the best either. You also will continue the discomfort you feel when eating foods that aren’t great for your system.

The time is right now to eat clean, no matter what. Why do you need two glasses of wine if you can have one and be fine with it? Why not say right now: my diet is MY responsibility and I will not leave it up to circumstances to decide what I eat. You are in charge, no matter the situation, location, or mindset. Your ultimate goal is balance, not another diet, not another cleanse, just YOU taking care of you because you want to feel good about yourself and like the skin you’re in. And, you don’t have to wait til next week, but you can start right now and feel awesome. It is entirely up to you to say: I’m worthy taking care of my body and I can say no to things that don’t serve my body or make me feel worse.

Stop wasting time feeling awful because you’re using food to socialize. You can do that in so many ways: you’re charming, warm, outgoing, engaging and good at what you do, so food and alcohol doesn’t have to be taking center stage. It’s you. The better you feel about yourself, the more you’ll glow and exude what you want to represent for your clients.

So, what’s the plan of attack?


Join our brand-new fat loss program: The BBBC Body Plan!

In 2009 I launched an incredibly popular fat loss program, called Slim & Strong. With more than 10,000 participants, it sold out for the first 5 years straight. It transformed not just bodies, but also people’s view of food and what they’re capable of.
In September I’m launching a new program to cater to the changing needs of my clients. More and more people want the customization of a program that fits their unique needs. They realize that workouts alone don’t create dramatic change, that dieting isn’t a way to live happily, and they recognize the psychological challenges that come with fat loss. The new program will help you get to your goals in the most efficient, direct and targeted way:

The Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Body Plan

Get the Body You Love!
Get the best of a Fitness Expert, Clinical Nutritionist and Coach to learn the keys to getting lean, fit and defined.
You are where you are right now because of what you have been doing. So, if you’re not happy with yourself, it’s time for change!
Here’s what the program includes:
The Body Burn Workout: Most exercise classes can cause muscle loss, require lots of time, make you feel exhausted, inflamed and overly hungry. Ariane’s class incorporates the latest scientific approach to burning body fat fast, building lean muscle, and improving your fitness and mindset in just a few workouts. The unusually high calorie burn during the workout AND an intense afterburn effect in the 48 hours after you finish, ensure you only need 2-3 hours a week to drop up to 4% body fat in a month. Less time spent working out means more time to enjoy your awesome body.
The Nutrition Hacks: Most people think eating less and healthier will get you lean. The truth is that your diet needs to be customized based on your unique needs, metabolism and workouts, goals, your stress levels, and hormones. A one-size-fits-all approach is the last thing you want. Learn how to strategize your nutrition to blast body fat, show off your definition and feel like a Rockstar!
The Coaching: If weight loss was all about diet and exercise, everyone would have their dream body. Your mindset can get between you and an amazing body. To get you to your happy place, I’m going to ask you to open up your mind and start looking at food, exercise and yourself in a new light. I’m going to call you out on old behaviors that no longer serve you, and show you exciting new ways to get motivated to create amazing changes for life.
You have 3 options to join:
Option 1: Just the workouts
Who is this for? You are happy with your body and simply want your butt kicked to keep it tight, lean and defined. We recommend you take 2-3 classes a week for maximum results.
Price: Choose from the below, good for 31 days:
Single Class: $30
5-Pack: $135 ($27 per class)
10-Pack: $225 ($22.50 per class)
Option 2: 4-Week Kickstart
Who is this for? You want a program to follow remotely to drop body fat, stop the diet mindset, learn how to kickstart your metabolism, create a healthy relationship to your body and food, and make a lifestyle change.
What do you get?
• Detailed workout and nutrition plan (including daily workout videos, specific nutrition instructions, recipes, motivation, and supplement suggestions to kickstart fat burning)
• Set up with a teammate for accountability
• Nutrition Workshop Video Tutorial
• Nutrition Handout with specific fat loss instructions
• Strategies for repairing a sluggish or damaged metabolism
• Expert guidance on how to tackle any fat loss challenge
• Regular email check-ins by Ariane
Price: $125
Option 3: 4-Week Transformation
Who is this program for?
· You have been struggling with your weight and body image for most of your life.
· You are a yo-yo dieter and exist in the extremes between dieting and bingeing.
· You are dealing with metabolic damage, menopausal issues, or stubborn body fat
· You are struggling to find balance in eating well, working out and feeling good in your skin
· You are training towards an event, such as a triathlon, or marathon and want a customized plan to get you there efficiently
If you’re looking for just another quick fix diet or for magical results without putting in the work, this is NOT for you.
What do you get?
· Unlimited indoor workouts with Ariane (good for 31 days)
· Before and after measurements (body fat, inches)
· 20-minute one-on-one phone call to discuss your goals
· Customized workout and nutrition/supplement plan with education, recipe suggestions and geared towards your workouts, lifestyle, and goals
· Food diary reviews
· Frequent check-ins for accountability
· Goodie bag with nutrition samples, workout gear, T-shirt
20-minute phone call to discuss your progress at endPrice: $570
The INCENTIVE: If you drop an additional 2% body fat in the 60 days after your final weigh-in, you receive a free month of unlimited indoor workouts (worth more than $225).
What can you expect from the BBBC Body Plan?
· No more sugar cravings
· A normal appetite
· A lean, strong, defined body
· A high metabolism, regardless of your age
· Energy to keep you running 24/7
· The end of food issues and dieting – a lifestyle plan
· Concentration and focus all day
· A healthy relationship to food and your body
· Vastly improved digestion
· Success regardless of your environment
Workout Locations:
COMPLETE BODY & SPA (301 East 57th Street @ 2nd Ave)
STEPPING OUT STUDIOS (37 W. 26th Street, 9th Floor)
Success Stories:
I contacted Ariane after working out 7 days a week and dieting and not seeing a single change in weight for more than 4 months. A friend had told me about her classes and that she is a nutritionist and I was ready to have an expert guide me. I was feeling so frustrated about my body and the fact that no matter how hard I pushed, I wasn’t seeing any change. Instead I was so low on energy with crazy cravings for sugar that I couldn’t bear to feel that way a single day longer. After a phone call with Ariane I realized that I had been doing all the wrong things to lose body fat and the symptoms I was experiencing (bad digestion, sleep issues, cravings, fat storage around the belly, thighs and butt, no energy) were all a sign that I had pushed my body way too hard. Ariane put together a comprehensive plan that included simple nutrition steps (no diet!), effective workouts (only 3 a week!), and the best ways to help my body burn body fat again. This was a month ago and I’m thrilled to say I’ve lost 7 lbs and 8 inches and have not felt this good in a long time. I could have saved myself 4 months of agony had I called Ariane earlier instead of trying to figure it out on my own. – Linda
Two months ago I was feeling completely defeated. I was working out 6 days a week, boot camps, running and weight training, eating right, but my weight was at a complete stand still.  I only needed to lose 8 pounds to be in my “comfort zone “ and nothing was working.   I reached out to the only person I knew that could help me.  Two years ago I met Ariane at her Boot Camp and because of her I lost 25 pounds.  Ariane asked about my daily workout routine and eating symptoms I was experiencing and then explained to me that I had slowly been damaging my metabolism and it needed to be reset.  I had never heard of anything like this before but I knew I had done the right thing by contacting her.  Ariane followed up with an extensive email explaining the exact supplement regimen and workout schedule (it was a lot less than before) to the importance of rest and relaxation, how to change my eating to boost my metabolism, and how to change my “more is better” mindset. I had to realize that working out more and eating less was not the right way to go.  I implemented all suggestions immediately.  Two weeks later I had lost 4 lbs and 1.5% body fat and now feel better than ever before. I have much more energy, no more evening sweet cravings, I am sleeping like a baby and the best part is I am totally back on track.  This is not an easy thing to accomplish at 54 years old but Ariane listens, hears everything you are saying and knows exactly how to help you fix what is broken.  Thank you Ariane for once again pointing me in the right direction and making me feel amazing!  - Ann

Every time I start a diet, I binge. Help!

Hi Ariane,

do you have any idea how I can mentally push past this food-emotional-control issue?

On Monday I decided I would do a strict clean eating program because I’m worried about running this long race and I wanted to drop some weight quickly. Tuesday and today I’ve sabotaged myself.

Have you seen clients work through this before? I probably need to be focused on journaling, meditation, positive thinking, kind thoughts, and developing a curiosity and awareness about my emotions & how I respond with food. However, I am just not in a good place with this right now.

I signed up for your class as part of my plan to use exercise as a medicine. I think that is working well, but I’m still feeling powerless with the food thing. It’s my achilles heel, and I know that it’s something I do to feel in control and comforted. But…

Being “tough” on myself seems to make my eating worse. Being positive and speaking kindly to myself, works better… but I can’t seem to get there right now.

Any thoughts? Sorry I know you are not a counselor, but let me know if you have any new ideas.

Thanks, Emotional Eater


Hi, Emotional Eater,

If you re-read your email, you’ll be quite aware of what is going on. You decide to diet and that instantly switches on the sabotage button.

I can’t say that you’re abnormal because a lot of women and men struggle with this. Why? The sheer focus on the weight loss, a number, a short time frame in which you want to create a noticeable change is what messes with your head when you start a rigid protocol of restriction.

Take a look at it this way. Let’s say you decide to do the following:

  • I want to lose 10 lbs within 2 weeks.
  • I will work out 7 days a week and run 8 miles every day.
  • I will eat only 1,000 calories every day to lose weight.
  • I will weigh myself every day to make sure I lost one pound.

Where does that put your focus?

On numbers, on weight, on calories, on restriction, on deprivation, on over-exercising, on anything but balance or well-being. In essence, you are saying to yourself that if you work out like a crazy person and eat next to nothing, you’ll lose the weight and keep it off. BUT, in the process you are defining your body with numbers only and that in itself sets that alam bell in your head ring like a fire alarm. Your brain goes: “Hello Diet! Let’s get really efficient at burning calories. Let’s be sure to get calories back in by creating massive sugar cravings. Let’s also really screw with her mood and let’s make her feel really deprived and low on energy. And, if she eats too much, we”l be sure to kill her with guilt, so she gets right back on an even more restrictive diet.”

But, what would happen if you had these intentions:

  • I want to feel satiated and balance my blood sugar.
  • I will work on getting rid of my sweet cravings because sugar makes me feel bloated, inflamed and ages me.
  • I want to nourish my body by eating a lean protein with tons of veggies 5x a day. That’s when I feel and look my best.
  • I’m going to sleep 7 hours every night because it makes me feel energized and allows me to recover from stress and my workouts. It will also make me less hungry.
  • I’m going to run 3x a week for 4 miles each and I will lift weights 2x a week. One day a week I will swim for 30 minutes because it has a calming effect and no impact on my joints.I can sustain this workout plan because it motivates me and energizes me.
  • I will foam roll and get massages 2x a week because it reduces my stress and calms my mind.
  • I take epsom salt baths twice a week to help my muscles recover.
  • I drink 2 veggie smoothie shakes every day because they fill me up and make my skin glow.

Do you SEE the difference? Do you FEEL the difference when reading these two sets of intentions?

The second set of intentions focus on you taking care of your body. They revolve around establishing balance, wellness and a happy mind. That creates weight loss as a side effect, not because you’re restricting and gave up every single fun thing about life.

The 1st set of intentions focus on dieting, restriction, going hardcore to the point where you can’t maintain what you aim for. That pushes your body into a corner and it will wear you out. It will make you focus on numbers on the scale, on the body fat measurement, on calories…. and will keep you in that devilish cycle of restriction. And, when you feel you’re deprived you will want to binge or go overboard because your brain is protecting you from overdoing it. It wants you to be healthy and well, not restricted and in starvation mode. The fact that you’re sabotaging yourself the moment you focus on losing weight is totally normal. How do you stop that from happening? You have to shift your mindset: You need to move from being great at dieting to being awesome at taking care of your body. You are in control of yourself just as long as you take charge of your health and mindset, not taking charge of the calories on your plate.

Another issue here is that you are trying to control your food to change your body. Sure, that’s what diet books, trainers, nutritionists and popular media tell you to do, but for the many emotional eaters in this world, that attempt will backfire if it’s approached purely with a diet mindset. Cut calories, exercise more.. yada yada yada… Not until they’re ready to take charge of the emotions that cause the overeating or sabotage will the overeating stop.

Here’s an example from my own life: When I worked a job I really disliked, I used to be amazing at getting up from my desk (where I had so many things to tackle that I just couldn’t get started with one) and take a look in the fridge to see what I could eat. I wasn’t hungry. I was just going to see if anything had changed inside that fridge door because I was overwhelmed by how much work I had to do. So, if I didn’t want the food, what did I really need? I needed a break. I needed organization. I needed something to calm me to get focused. I needed distraction. I didn’t find that in the food, really, because after eating something, the issues were still there, plus I felt too full and tired. Not until I learned to be very organized, focused, and task oriented, and learned how to structure my work to get some time off, did the desire to head to the fridge disappear. No diet, no 15-hour workout program, no detox would have helped me lose weight. Perhaps temporarily, but the issues would have always been there, time and time again, making me want to overeat.

Many people who exert control over food and exercise to such a degree feel a lack of control in other areas in their life. What area in your life are you most struggling with? Once you address what you TRULY need, you may notice a shift in your desire to control your diet. For example, if you feel that you are powerless in your current job situation or feeling trapped in a relationship, unable to decide on a  way out of the situation, chances are you may try to exert control in another area subconsciously. In eating disorder treatment, one approach to treatment is to discover the true talents, ambitions, desires of the person that have yet to be fully expressed. If emotions are suppressed, they can rear their ugly head in eating disorders or other unhealthy behaviors. Here’s a great graphic that drives it home and  perhaps you recognize yourself in it (http://imgarcade.com/1/binge-eating-disorder-cycle/)

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 4.57.20 PM

I’ve had a diet mindset for many years. I struggled against my body, went from one diet to the next, binged, dieted, went nuts with exercise and then totally lost it by doing nothing. It was the change in my mindset that created lasting changes many years ago.

So, how about you think about all the good things you can do for yourself that make you feel like a rockstar? If you feel that outside help from a counselor would be beneficial, then I can only encourage you to seek out professional help. Why struggle aimlessly if you can get quality answers to your struggles. Would love to hear what you come up with!

How to get your sh#t together and become 100% awesome!

It is goal setting time again in my Slim & Strong program.

In Week 1, everyone makes a plan that includes 3 exercise goals, 3 nutrition goals and 3 behavioral goals.

It sounds so simple and yet, I have to push people to take 3 minutes to write down their thoughts. They don’t realize how powerful it is, until they do it.


Here’s a great goal list I received from one of my long-term boot campers:

“I’m trying to change my thinking regarding goals. I’m usually all about “losing 8 bls and fitting into my favorite jeans”, but I need to be more focused on my food choices and exercise behavior and the physical reqards that follow.”

1. What is your exercise goal for the next 4 weeks?

1. Work out 5 days a week

2. Switch it up at the gym and try running on the treadmill instead of elliptical

3. Lift weights at the gym in addition to my floor routine (I’m not a gymnast, I’m talking push-ups, etc)


2. What 3 steps will you take nutritionally to put your body into fat burning mode? 

1. Continue to drink water all day long even on the days I’m not at work

2. Continue my no sugar routine. I’m on Day 7 of no sugar!

3. Add more variety of veg to my diet. I’m a salad for lunch person and need to eat more greens in other meals. 


3. What 3 behaviors help you succeed in reaching your goals?

1. Make plans with friends that don’t involve food/meals

2. Find clean snacks besides nuts that I can take with me on the go

3. Get 7 hours of sleep each night.


This all looks great, right? BUT, there are a lot of unknowns and non-specifics in here that leave too much wiggle room to do other things. She can do a better job at using her language to get motivated. The brain is most motivated when it CLEARLY knows what to do. To say” I may try to drink more water” leaves a lot of other options. That could mean that you’re having a 1/2 a glass and call it a day. It may mean that you’re putting the water in front of you but go to the bar – hey, you tried….. “I will try” means you’re not yet committed but only thinking about possibly doing it. “More water” doesn’t give you a goal, but saying “I’ll drink 3 liters daily” is something you can aim for. Got it? Let’s see my response to help her get intensely focused on the 3 steps in each category:


Hi J.,

Good stuff! Yes, the way you set goals determines whether you’ll be focused on the scale or on your awesomeness.

Regarding your language in the goals:

“I’ll try running…..” Are you trying? Or are you actually doing it? They are two things. Trying means you’re not really sure about whether you want to do it and then if you don’t like it, you may not do it at all or even consider it ever again. If the running is too tough or the guy next to you farts, does that mean you’ll never try again….?

Catch my drift?

I’d much rather hear a firm: “I’m starting to run on the treadmill on Monday and will do 2 miles straight without stopping, no matter whether I like it or not, whether the guy next to me smells, or if I get sweaty. I’ll do it. Period”.


“Drink water all day long” How much is that?

“No Sugar” Awesome! Join my club! I’ve been a member since December (except during endurance training, that’s when sugar is crucial).

“Eat more greens” How exactly? Farmer’s market trips or veggie smoothies or green drinks? How exactly is that happening?

“Make plans with friends: If it’s not food or drink – what are the options?


Do you guys see the difference in vague as opposed to being super specific? The SPECIFICS create your internal picture of what you are going for. It’s like standing in front of that shopping window and seeing this beautiful, gorgeous dress that you must have. If you can see it, you are going to imagine yourself walking into that dinner party. Get it. If that shopping window is all dirty and you can barely make out what you’re seeing, it’s not really that appealing, is it….?

So, then this awesome lady got the message and got on it with an instant email response:

“This is why you’re a god damned genius!

 1. You’re right. I will start running on the treadmill starting tomorrow morning for 10 minutes straight at a 3.5 or higher. If someone farts next to me I will yell “GROSS” and keep running. 

2. I will go on more walks with friends instead of dinners and I will also host friends at my apartment for dinner so I can cook clean meals.  

3. I will go to Trader Joe’s on Sunday and see what veggies they have that are leafy and green and will buy them and force myself to cook a meal out of them. I will also buy chicken there and cook it (something I never buy at the supermarket) and I will also buy fish at the fish market tomorrow and make it for dinner for Sunday night. 

4. Also, my birthday is coming up in mid-September. Instead of several weeks of an eating free for all to “celebrate”, I will treat the month as a clean month, just as I’m doing for August. As a focus, I will picture myself on the beach in Jamaica with my mom and sister in a two-piece bathing suit feeling confident. There’s nothing like going to a beach with your critical mother to keep you on track. 

THANK YOU for pushing me and making me see how small changes can garner huge results. YOU ROCK!”


The End. And everyone lived happily ever after in bathing suits and loved their rocking bodies.

Lose 20 lbs by tomorrow!

Hi there, so you clicked on this link because you want to lose weight really really fast? By tomorrow? Great! I’m glad you clicked, because you are exactly the person I wrote this post for.

It’s only natural that when you decide to lose weight that you focus on just how much weight you want to drop. If you play it right, you will end up making lasting changes that make you look insanely gorgeous. Or, you might end up giving up a few weeks in to resort back to your unhappy self on the couch.


Think back over the past 2 years: How many diets have you started? More than 3? At what point did you decide that it wasn’t working for you? Did you know that only 5% of people – YES, FIVE PERCENT of people stick to a diet program? Are you part of those 5?

Most people who start a diet or new program do so with the goal of changing something about their body. They’re feeling terribly uncomfortable, fat, tired, out of shape, disgusted, flabby…. you name it. Then, they either follow a program a friend was doing or something they read in People Magazine that helped Kim Kardashian lose their baby weight, so they implement it. They turn their life upside down to lose at least 20 lbs in 4 weeks, drink 5 green juices with cayenne pepper a day, take some crazy diet pills, and wait for that flabby body to turn into Gisele. Some good changes happen and then something major happens: people visit from out of town, you go out with a client and HAVE to have a drink, you lose it on the ice cream you had buried in the back of your freezer because you hadn’t eaten in 72 hours… And that’s when an important decision is made: you either decide to move beyond and continue what you started, or you give up and go back to your usual routine of takeout and 2x monthly workouts. To hell with it. You’ve tried and it’s not working. If you were able to think of only these TWO options, then that would make you a classic all-or-nothing dieter. You’re either 100% focused or 100% couch potato. Neither will get you to that gorgeous, fit, healthy and radiant body you want to have next month and still 5 years from now.

Yes, the promise of fast changes is great, but if those changes are so not in line with who you are, how you spend your days, and what you are actually ABLE to deal with, then all you’re doing is wasting precious time, exhaust yourself, starve yourself, spend money on nonsense, and piss off people around you in the process because your mood is so erratic.

When I see people return to Slim & Strong time after time with the goal to see those insane changes in a month (their goal sheets actually state things such as work out 7 days a week, eat zero calories, and lose 20 lbs by Friday), I know that I have an all-or-nothing diet person before me. The only way to get those people to change is to change their mindset. If the change doesn’t happen in the head first, they will come back a few months from now, telling me the following:”Ariane, I did so well when I did Slim & Strong. I lost x lbs and felt sooooo good, but then ________ happened and I gained all the weight back. I need your help.” And, of course I take you all back, but then I really push you to stop a minute to look at what’s really going on here.

When _____ happens, what do you do? Do you throw in the towel and give up? Or, do you adapt to the challenge you encountered? If you have visitors from out of town, do you tell them that you’re happy to go to the bar with them, but that you’ll be sipping seltzer while still being the life of the party? Or, do you just say to yourself “Screw it. I don’t want to do this. I want to have fun and fun includes 5 drinks a night, followed by 2 slices of pizza…”

The most successful people in Slim & Strong are those that understand that life is full of ups and downs. They show up for a month, learn all they have to learn and then know that being healthy and fit is a life-long process. One month you have all the time in the world to work out, the next month you travel for 38 days straight and your focus drops, but they know that they will always have to work out to keep their awesome muscle tone. They know that if they want to be looking hot at the age of 89, that their nutrition will be full of veggies and that the nights on the couch ordering Chinese takeout with fried tacos are far and few between.

She loves working out

If you find yourself in this all-or-nothing diet mindset, then the answer to end your struggle is to find BALANCE. If you don’t know what that is, here’s the dictionary definition. I know, most New Yorkers will have to look that up, but it is doable. Balance is the state of mind in which you realize that you don’t have to do anything 100% perfect to see progress. You just have to make moves in the right direction. Consistently. Without excuses. With your head up high and head through the wall, eye on the prize.

I’m a recovering all-or-nothinger. I would push so hard that I would end up exhausted for days. I would eat so little that I would end up gorging myself for days. I had no idea about a balanced mindset, but now I do. I have found the most effective way to work out and keep myself fit and healthy. I have found the best nutritional approaches to create great energy, digestion, good skin and balance my mood. I’ve found the perfect sleep schedule, supplement regimen and mindset that makes me feel like I’m in charge of my body. I know that life is ever-changing and that I can adapt my workouts, nutrition, mindset accordingly. I’m not rigid anymore, but stay flexible, given what is required. And, it feels damn awesome to be in charge.

So, if you’re struggling with finding what works for you – whether it be professionally, physically, mentally or health-wise, perhaps it’s time to ask a professional for some help so you can stop wasting time on gimmicks and become efficient at running YOU.

People often fault finances as a reason they can’t take better care of themselves, but if you DON’T take care of yourself, you’ll pay for it much more later on. Diabetes medications are pretty expensive, and so is medical care for degenerative diseases. Plus, when you’re 75 and hobbling around because you’re obese or so out of shape, you can’t keep your head up high, then you’re paying for it just purely emotionally.

Yes, workouts cost something. Good foods costs money, but you are paying into your own bank and let me tell you, that bank accrues so much interest that it pays you back dividends that no trust fund can match.

Isn’t it time you stop wasting time and do what really works? Alright, then make that one-time investment now to tackle your biggest obstacle to finding balance in life. Get a trainer, see a nutritionist, get a coach, sit down with a career counselor, or simply make a commitment right now to yourself to achieve XYZ by the end of 2015.

You owe it to your awesome self.

Oh, P.S. We are in the business of changing bodies and minds, so if you need an expert, here’s how you find us: www.brooklynbridgebootcamp.com


Look at Brittany’s Slim & Strong transformation!

I had a group of strong women compete in the July session of Slim & Strong. The winner of Slim & Strong is determined by most body fat lost AND most muscle gained.

Brittany won 1st place: A $200 shopping spree at Lululemon!

When Brittany enrolled in Slim & Strong 3 years ago, she weighed 31 lbs more and had 9% more body fat. Three years of consistent clean eating, working out, she returned for a touch-up and won Slim & Strong again. What a difference!

This month Brittany lost 1.6 lbs, 2 inches and 1% body fat. Her body fat is now at 20.8%, which puts her into the lean and mean fitness range. She also gained a bit of muscle, but most importantly, she said she was able to change her attitude about herself. She no longer beats herself up about missing a workout or not eating perfectly, but goes with the flow and puts her best foot forward. Appreciation of what you CAN do is the key!


Linda won 2nd place. She lost 7 lbs, 7.5 inches, and .3% body fat.

IMG_0465 IMG_9745

Emily won 3rd place. Emily has been on a strong path and has lost 20 lbs in the past few months. She’s learning the importance of balance. Oh yes, balance. It sounds so nice, and yet it’s such a tough thing for us New Yorkers to achieve. Well, Emily’s nailing it!

She lost 5.6 lbs, .8% body fat, 2 inches, and gained a new understanding of what it takes to create long-term changes, rather than just going for a quick fix diet that stops after 30 days.


Are you ready to change your body for good? Slim & Strong is designed to teach you:

  • How to lose body fat through clean nutrition – it’s 80% of your fat loss success
  • How to work out effectively (not MORE) to burn body fat, get lean and toned
  • How to change your thinking to create positive and lasting physical changes
  • How to push through your own limitations and reach for more than you thought you were capable of

Are you ready to kick some serious butt and become your best self?

The AUGUST session starts on Monday. Here are the details:

  • 4 weeks of indoor boot camp workouts (12 workouts, meeting 3 x weekly)
  • Once weekly TranceFormation workout – a combination of hypnosis and boot camp to create lasting changes
  • Nutrition workshop that will change the way you think about food
  • Personalized nutrition calculations and plan
  • Before & After pictures and measurements
  • Goodie bag with tank top, resistance bands, home workout routine and nutrition samples
  • Daily emails with workouts, nutrition tips, recipes, and motivation
  • A kick-ass team mate to hold you accountable
  • Unlimited access to Ariane throughout the month for all your questions
  • $200 shopping spree for person who loses most body fat and gains most muscle
  • You can miss up to 3 sessions and make them up


6.30am Morning Session:
Complete Body & Spa
301 East 57th Street (2nd Ave), 5th Floor
New York City


6.30pm Evening Session:
Stepping Out Studios
37 W. 26th Street (6th Ave & Bway), 9th Floor
New York City


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Join our 5-Day FREE NutriBullet Detox!

Join our FREE 5-Day Detox!

Last year 500 of our clients joined the 5-Day Detox. Join us again this year! Get your metabolism back to speed and rid yourself of bloat and excess body fat. It starts this Friday, July 10!

DetoxWhat do you get? 

In this guided 5-day online program, we will be using the NutriBullet to create healthy and delicious detox shakes as meal replacements. This will help your digestive system relax and your body burn body fat fast. You commit to eating 3 clean meals a day, consisting of lean protein and veggies, plus 2 NutriBullet Shakes.

What do you get?

  • ** 49 NutriBullet recipes (dessert shakes, chia pudding desserts, green smoothies)
  • ** Daily emails with inspiration, specific instructions on what to eat, and health education on what is happening with your body during a detox program.



Among the issues covered in your daily emails are:

* The most toxic fruits and veggies to avoid or to buy organic

* Daily 7-minute fat burning workouts to stimulate fat loss and detoxification of your fat cells

* Guidance on supplements that stimulate detoxification

* Understand the impact of food on your body: Which create health and beauty? Which create disease and aging?

* How do you stimulate both phases of detoxification?

* How to identify what you’re allergic to.

* What veggies reduce toxins in your body?


Here’s how to get it FREE:

Purchase a 5-class pack of OUTDOOR classes ($90 – save $15)


Purchase a 5-class pack of INDOOR classes ($105 – save $20)


Purchase the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD, which includes a set of resistance bands and a booklet illustrating the most effective exercises to get defined and lean ($25.)

Must be purchased by Thursday 11pm. Classes must be taken within 30 days. Check the class schedule for your options. 


I look forward to connecting with you on Friday for your prep day!

Detox was going great, but then I was attacked by hot dogs!

Does that sound familiar? The day after the 4th of July weekend I received several emails from my clients, letting me know they fell off the wagon. These weren’t just matter-of-fact statements, but they were charged with guilty feelings and self-defeat: “It was going so great, but then someone brought apple pie and before I knew it, I had eaten a slice.” Or, “I was so hungry and then only thing that was there to eat were sandwiches, so I had bread. Now, i’m starting all over again.” Or, “I had to stay late at work to finish this stressful project and I got so hungry and cranky that I caved in on the M&Ms since that’s the only thing I had at work.”

These were emails from women. Not a single guilt trip from a guy. We women are experts at becoming bad people because we had ONE single french fry. Yes, you did sign up for the 21-Day Detox and committed to eating only lean proteins and veggies and drinking two NutriBullet shakes a day. BUT, you didn’t enroll in prison. Nor did you sign up to become the Saint of Kale. Life happens and there will always be triggers that tempt you. It’s all about how you handle the triggers. If you cave in and eat something you were supposed to eliminate (in other words, if you become possessed by the Chocolate Demons), it doesn’t mean that the Detox game is over and you should then reach for the box of pralines and then order a BigMac. It simply means you had something you hadn’t planned on and you move on to your next clean meal. It’s not like you played dodgeball, got hit and have to leave the court now. Life goes on.


Yesterday I checked in with my detoxers and several had a challenging weekend. Here’s just one email that I received:

“Well, the Detox WAS going great.  During the first 5 days, I was a rock star!  I eliminated all carbs, sugar, alcohol, grains, dairy, fruit and red meat.  I was eating only fresh vegetables, Nutribullet shakes and lean protein – mostly chicken, turkey burgers, tuna and tilapia.  I drank about 64 ounces of water a day, reduced my coffee intake to one cup in the morning and started to walk to work (which is 4 miles from where I live).  I felt very fatigued at first.  In fact, after the second day, I was in bed by 8:00PM.  However, by Wednesday of the first week, my sleeping pattern changed.  I tossed and turned less frequently and felt refreshed when I woke up in the morning.  Aside from a more restful sleep, my skin looked and felt better – especially around my eyes, believe it or not.  I wasn’t so frustrated with the restrictions and began to feel encouraged.  On that first Friday, I felt energized enough to pop in my Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp DVD and got in a good, hard workout.

However, soon after I started, a few personal issues arose that derailed my progress.  I had a tough couple of days and, unfortunately, my diet went to pot.  Not literally, of course!  I just lost my incentive to stay on track.  I went out to dinner with a friend one night and that was it – I had bread, pasta, cake and coffee (yikes!) and from there, it was all downhill.  That was last week.  Today, I am starting over again from Day 1.

I had two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, seasoned with dill and pepper, along with a Nutribullet shake consisting of fresh spinach, a cucumber, carrots and 1 Tbsp of apple-cider vinegar.

For lunch, I have a grilled chicken breast with fresh basil and sliced tomato with a small garden salad.  Dinner will be a salmon burger with oven-roasted cauliflower and broccoli.  In fact, just before I saw your email, I was writing out my grocery list and meal plans for the week.

I want to adhere to my fitness goals this time.  I’m a bit disappointed with myself but I started out so strong on the 22nd, that I know I can do it.   I reached out to my team-mate, and we’ve exchanged a few emails.  It always helps to have support.  I printed out all the emails you’ve been sending us from Day 1 of the Detox and put them in a binder so I can go back and read through them for motivation and tips.

Thanks for checking in with me!  I’m going to send you an email by Friday to let you know how I’m doing with my ‘reboot’.”


Here’s my response:

“D, there is no need to ‘start over’. This isn’t an on-or-off kind of challenge. Do you quit a relationship after you have just one argument? Do you quit your job after you made a little mistake? Or, do you simply learn from it and move on, determined to deal with it differently next time?

This isn’t a detox designed to make you the perfect person who eats only according to a plan. If you learn nothing about yourself in the process then that’s wasted time. I’d much rather you understand what happened over the weekend:  the emotional triggers, how you responded to them with food, how you then ended up feeling physically awful, emotionally guilty and then how you got yourself back on track. You decided to handle stress with food – that’s just ONE way of handling it, but you have a slew of other options up your sleeve next time when stress hits the fan. Now that you know those foods aren’t the solution, nor make you feel better, nor resolve anything for the better, next time you’ll think a bit harder about how to tackle personal issues. Perhaps you’ll reach for the phone to call a friend, or you’ll address it with that person right on rather than internalizing the anger and then stuffing it down with dinner?

Fast forward also and think about what you are going to do after the 21 days of Detox are over? Just because there won’t be any more daily emails to guide you, doesn’t mean you will give up all guidelines you’ve lived by for the past week. In 21 days you’ll have learned a lot about your emotions and your body and I’m pretty sure you’ll understand what difference it makes to eat clean. You’ll have developed an internal motivation to continue eating a certain way. You’ll know what foods you want to keep and which to keep at bay. You’ll know what foods you’re allergic to, which give you beautiful skin, great energy and help with your sleep and which have the opposite effect. Looking at the mirror you’ll see why you want to keep up with many of the great habits you’ve developed.

Life is always going to throw you challenges that you’ll have to tackle. In the end it is your response that determines whether you feel good in your skin or create disease. The choice will always be in your hands. This is a life-long effort you’ve started. It doesn’t end with the 21 days of Detox, nor does it end with the next cheat meal. It will never end as long as  you value your health, well-being and peace of mind.

Keep on moving on. There is no need to start over. Life goes on. Do know that there is no such thing as perfection. We don’t breathe perfectly clean air. We don’t drink perfectly pure water. We don’t get the perfect amount of sleep and we are surrounded by tons of toxins and pollution. And, we are not always living a life free from stress or triggers, so just do the best you can. Having foods that aren’t ideal isn’t going to be the end of your journey – unless you choose to create that rule. I know you have learned from this and you know what ultimately makes you feel your best. This isn’t the first and won’t be the last time either you’ll get off track. Anticipate it and come up with a plan to handle it and you’ll always feel in charge of your health and emotions.

Rock on and let’s chat Friday!

Cheers, Ariane

The amazing changes the June Slim & Strong winners created!

A week ago the June Slim & Strong session ended.

What is the Slim & Strong Program?  It’s an intense 4-week fat loss program. Participants commit to 3x weekly indoor workouts, focused on building strength, agility, flexibility and endurance. The workouts are non-stop cardio mixed with strength training moves, using dumbbells, resistance bands, mats and our own body weight. The first workout usually feels like you got hit by a bus, but you’ll notice the difference just 5 sessions make. The intense workouts are designed to stimulate adrenaline to release body fat. The intensity stimulates the release of growth hormone to get you leaner and keep you young (add sleep and you’ll be rocking!), and stimulates testosterone to further boost muscle growth (yes, even women have small amounts of testosterone). Participants learn that 80% of their fat loss is the result of a clean diet, so they attend my nutrition workshop and get daily emails with motivation, workout ideas and education on how to take the show on the road.


I’ve been running the program since January 2009 and since then thousands of participants have changed their bodies. It’s my most favorite program because I love the transformations people undergo – both physically and mentally. Many people sign up for the changes they want to create in their body, but many take those changes much further and also feel transformed in their attitude about food, their bodies and their perceived limits. So, I’m always excited to see the before and after numbers as there are quite some amazing changes happening.

Here are the June winners. They’re always based on who gained the most muscle and lost the most body fat. To do both at the same time is challenging because muscle only grows with adequate calories. Body fat is only lost when there is less carbohydrates coming in, enough workout intensity and the right protein/carb balance. Nailing this is difficult and requires awareness of how your body responds to food and workouts and it’s a process, but once you get it, you will never look back.


1st Place ($200 Shopping Spree): DINA

Dina lost 2.4 lbs, 1.5% body fat, 2.5 lbs of pure fat, gained .12 lbs of muscle, and lost 4 inches.

IMG_9122 IMG_9655











2nd Place: JENNIFER

Jennifer lost 6.2 lbs, lost 1.6% body fat, lost 4.3 lbs of muscle and lost 1.9 lbs of muscle, lost 6 inches.

IMG_9693 IMG_9145











3rd Place: REBECCA

Rebecca lost 4.4 lbs, 1.5% body fat, 3.2 lbs of pure fat, lost 1.2 lbs of muscle, and lost 4 inches.

IMG_9134 IMG_9677











There were quite a few other remarkable changes:

Che lost 3.5% of her original weight, and Elaine lost 3% of her original weight and 10 inches!

Maria gained 2.7% of muscle!

Congratulations to all my participants! You had a rocking start to the Summer! Now, put on those bikinis and feel good!


The next sessions start August 27th. Registration opens tomorrow!

How I successfully killed my metabolism

If you’ve been taking my classes in recent months, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of rest and balance a lot more. Many new clients have come to me with the goal of wanting to lose body fat and get leaner, yet feeling frustrated that no matter what they’re doing, how hard they’re working out and how much they’re dieting, nothing’s budging. The reason I’m pushing rest and balance so much more now is that I’ve learned a lot about my own body in the past year and hope to save you frustration, wasted time and health issues. Let me explain and hopefully you’ll look at your own body and its journey in a different light:

Last year my body went through a pretty drastic change. It went from being lean, strong, and energized  to lethargic, bloated, tired and heavy.

292848_10151538933684922_865635088_n Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.25.44 AMAll of a sudden I couldn’t fit into my jeans anymore. My T-shirts were fitting tighter around the waist and back. I had put on weight around my hips, thighs, my stomach and the definition in my arms was gone. Talk about bubble butt… My face felt puffy and bloated. I remember being invited to a fashion fitness shoot for Refinery29 and I couldn’t fit into the clothes they had picked out for me. It was terrifying and embarrassing.

I would wake up every night at exactly 3am and would lay awake. I would feel lethargic during the day and totally exhausted after my workouts. I couldn’t get through my daily chores without feeling drained and moody. I was so wired that it was hard to focus and my mood fluctuated wildly, ranging from edgy to depressed. I was ravenous and my sweet cravings were through the roof. Normal meals just didn’t do the trick anymore and my digestion wasn’t happy either. To sum it up: I felt like I was in a foreign body.

I hadn’t changed anything drastically and yet I couldn’t figure out what was going on with me. I figured my body had gotten used to the 2-3 hours of daily exercise and just needed to be worked a bit harder. I took the conventional approach of working out more. Most trainers would tell you that you have to push yourself harder and eat less.  It was only natural that my body would get used to twice daily workouts and would not respond as much as it had initially. I added a run here and there and cut the carbs a little more, but to no avail. My body fat wasn’t budging and I continued to feel awful. When I visited my doctor and described what was going on, she suggested an anti-depressant. I insisted on blood work first. To my surprise, nothing was out of the normal range, which confused me even more as I had guessed my thyroid was not up to par or at least I was anemic, explaining my lethargy.

It took some serious research into the variety of symptoms I was exhibiting to understand what I had gotten myself into. It turned out that I was in full-blown metabolic damage. While my doctor chose to look at ONE symptom and label me as depressed, I realized that all the symptoms I was exhibiting were the result of metabolic issues and serious metabolic damage.

How did I end up damaging my metabolism?

As a trainer my body was used to 2-3 hours of daily workouts. I was eating a clean diet at the same time – all good to keep a lean physique. The trouble started when things got stressful a few years ago: Good stress and bad stress resulted that I was getting 5 hours of sleep a night max. I made up for the lack of energy with coffee and pushing myself harder and harder. I thought I could handle it all and so I continued to ignore the signs from my body, which actually needed rest. If I had a free hour, I’d book a class or a client or work instead of taking a break. The physical and emotional stress then started to affect my digestion. How? Stress reduces your stomach acid and that results in nutrients not being properly digested and assimilated. I was actually deficient in a variety of nutrients and also started to develop food allergies. When I ate protein, it made me bloated and puffy. My stomach was not happy with me either and I hadn’t changed my diet. The nutrient deficiency then affected my brain chemistry and caused  mood swings, severe cravings, sleep disturbances and inability to focus. Even worse, it left my body feeling exhausted all the time, unable to recover from the many workouts. Had I pushed even harder – exercised more and eaten less without rest, I could have seriously pushed my body into a corner and caused more damage, affecting my hormonal balance (menstrual cycle, fertility) and my thyroid function, but I’m lucky it didn’t lead me there.

It took a well-rounded program to get back to feeling like myself again and I’m happy to say that I’ve not felt better in a long time.

What worried me the most was that I had decided to sign up for my first Ironman event. Knowing the long hours of training that would be added to my schedule and the nutrition requirements, I was quite nervous that such a feat would do even more damage to my metabolism. I was determined to repair my metabolism before throwing myself into the training regimen of swimming, biking and running. Ironman training requires about 10 more hours a week in addition to teaching classes and I was sure it would be an impossible feat, given how I had felt.

What did it take to repair my metabolism? 

Sleep: I started sleeping more. I would try to nap during the day when I could and aim for 7 hours a night. Non-negotiable. This is still the biggest lesson I’ve learned. The importance of sleep and its nourishing effects on recovery and nervous system balance.

Supplements: I added a bunch of supplements to my routine that killed my sugar cravings, balanced my mood and allowed me to repair the digestive system so I would properly absorb my nutrients again.

Targeted Workouts: I added targeted workouts – short and efficient –  to my regimen that focus on building muscle, boosting the metabolism, and getting my definition back.

Rest and recovery: I made it a point to add in various activities that would allow my stressed out body and brain to recover: massages, long walks with the dogs, hydrotherapy, yoga, sauna sessions, etc.

Nutrition: I quit sugar once and for all. I started eating more fibrous and starchy carbs and timed them around my workouts. Pre-and post-workout nutrition made all the difference in workout recovery, muscle building, and allowing my body to go into fat burning mode again.

It didn’t happen from one week to the next, but eventually my body realized I was working WITH it, not against it anymore. Now, I can spot metabolic damage in my own clients quickly.  They’re the ones with digestive issues (gas, bloating, indigestion, etc) and thyroid issues, menstrual fluctuations and uncontrollable appetites and sweet cravings. Their moods aren’t very balanced and their sleep is disrupted. They’re the ones who think that working out more is better and eating less is the way to go. If you’re spotting several of those symptoms, you really want to ask yourself if what you’re doing is still working.

Working smarter, not harder is key. And, working your nutrition based on your activity and sleep schedule is crucial if you want to see your body change. Pushing it into the corner by exercising more and eating less is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

Resolving these plateaus and frustrations about my body were the biggest relief. I feel back in charge of my body, my health and have the tools to direct the change I want to see. I know that many of you have the mindset of “more is better”, but the reality is that there is no need for twice daily workouts and dieting if you want to see your body change. The body truly responds best to targeted, effective workouts and proper nourishment and rest. It is the specific balance, however, that determines whether you’ll see your body change or break down.