Fitness: It’s for Life, not just for 30 days!

I have been offering my 4-Week Slim & Strong program for 7 years now. Every month new participants sign up who want to lose fat, get lean and get into great shape. Some make incredible changes in a month and drop 10 pounds or more. They change their outlook on food, how they feel in their body, learn the most effective way to work out to see changes fast. They learn everything they can during that month. They ask questions about nutrition and exercise and ask for guidance when they’re challenged. They make full use of the program and work it and rock the results.


However, there are also always people who sign up and work only part of the program. They may come to all 12 workouts, but not change their diet because they think it’s all about how many calories you burn (it’s not…). They may go on a diet and restrict themselves, without learning anything about their body in the progress and after 4 weeks go back to their old habits. They may go so extreme that they end up unable to maintain any of it because changing your entire life is unrealistic. They think that a 4-week program will solve all their body issues.

Then there are those that start with amazing intentions, show up to every workout for the first week, then miss one and decide with their all-or-nothing attitude that they might as well miss the rest too because they weren’t ‘perfect’ in their attendance. Their black-or-white mindset can’t be flexible and adapt to what life throws at them. There are all kinds in Slim & Strong and as a Fitness, Nutrition & Motivation Coach it is my goal to help everyone fill in the missing bits and pieces to help them understand the full picture.

What’s the full picture? Fitness is a lifestyle, not a 4-week effort. Fitness is a mindset where you recognize what your body needs way beyond the 4 weeks. Once you understand what type of workout is ideal for your metabolism, what foods speed up your metabolism and which create fat storage and disease, how food affects you emotionally and how to tackle life’s challenges you have won. The Slim & Strong program supplies all that, but it is up to the participant to take advantage. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Here’s to a new month of Slim & Strong. If you want to lose body fat, get lean and fit, learn what’s best for your unique metabolism and how to handle the typical challenges that derail progress, this is your program. Let’s create a body you can keep for the rest of your life, a mindset that helps you stay in shape, and a nutrition approach to fuel your body and health.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 5.32.01 PM

Here’s the scoop:

Slim & Strong

March 7-April 1, 2016

The 4-Week Slim & Strong Challenge is a fat loss program not for the uncommitted. Its designed to help you drop significant body fat, gain lean muscle, lose at least 10 lbs, and kickstart your metabolism. This program is designed for everyone who has been dieting without lasting results, has a slowed-down or damaged metabolism and wants to get out of diet prison.

Compete to win $250 for dropping the most weight and body fat.
What do you get?

  • 3x weekly workouts (15 max)
  • Before & After Measurements and Pictures
  • Daily emails with nutrition, workout education and motivation
  • A customized fat loss nutrition plan
  • A Nutrition Workshop that teaches you how fat loss works – forget everything you’ve ever read in a diet book
  • Goodie bag with tank top, resistance bands and my favorite fat loss snacks
  • A team mate to hold you accountable

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 2.38.23 PM

You can attend boot camp classes at the following locations:

Complete Body & Spa, 301 E. 57th Street (2nd Ave)

Mo, Wed, Fri 6.30am

Stepping Out Studios, 37 W. 26th Street (6th Ave)

Mo, Tue, Thu 6.30pm. Sat 10am

Your motivation:

You want to feel and look your best by Summer!

You want to stop struggling with food

You want to learn what really works for your metabolism

Win $250 for losing the most body fat % and % of body weight

How to join:

Sign up by March 6th, 2016
Get your before weigh-in and measurements before your first class
Get your after weigh-in and measurements done at your last class


See you on Monday! Sign up here.

Should I work out more to see faster results?

Hi Ariane,

i’ve been doing your Body Burn classes for 2 weeks, 3x a week. I’ve seen a drastic change in my waist and my strength has improved so that I can almost do the 55 full body push ups. Would you recommend the Insanity workout videos in between your workouts? I’m thinking once a week. It has 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes plyometric cardio, core cardio & balance and other workouts.

You are right about the long cardio workouts not being good for my body type. Im noticing HIIT exercises work better for me. I used to run often before I developed plantar fasciitis and I remember being overly hungry on those days. Thinking back, I remember interval running with short sprints showed better results. – S.

Hi S.,

the insanity workouts are great, but they are similar to what we’re doing in class, so doing more than 3 high intensity training hours a week can backfire again and prevent muscle growth, make your body more stressed out and can also make you hungrier. You do need the time to recover from our workouts. Start by adding only one 30-minute workout a week and then if your appetite is controlled, your energy good, your sleep unaffected, you can go to 45 minutes or 60 minutes.


However, what you really want to add to counterbalance the HIIT training we do in class is more walking and other low-intensity cardio. Our classes have a beneficial hormonal impact and stimulate fat loss, muscle growth, and the release of growth hormone, the youth hormone. This is the result of doing intense strength training with intermittent cardio intervals, followed by lower intensity moves to create a rest response. Doing more intense workouts can stress out your body to the point where you increase the release of fat-storage hormones, such as cortisol and insulin. Additionally, you can create nervous system issues in constantly stimulating the fight-or-flight response (your sympathetic nervous system). How do you know you’re overdoing it? You’re not recovering well from workouts (sore for days, no strength during workouts, low energy, sleep interruptions), your appetite increases, you have sugar cravings, your mood is affected and at its worst, your menstruation, digestion and thyroid function are affected. Ultimately doing too much exercise without the balance of rest and recovery can actually damage your metabolism and make you fat.

So, experiment with adding one more HIIT session, but you absolutely have to add rest-based activities to balance our the intensity of the HIIT workouts. That includes rest days, foam rolling, walking, massages, enough sleep, epsom salt baths and yoga or stretching.

More is not better and yet most trainers and gyms will promote that model. Has it worked? Look around and you tell me. Creating a balanced workout is a challenge because the right workout changes your body. The wrong workout can do a number on your metabolism and you can find yourself constantly working out and dieting without seeing a difference. Less is more, but you have to focus on creating the right hormonal impact on your body to create that lean, athletic physique. Continue your clean eating, 3x weekly Body Burn workouts and continue with your walking and rest days. Your body is changing very quickly and there is no need to look for the magic pill right now. A change in workouts and nutrition should occur when you hit a plateau. Until you get there, stay the course.

Cheers, Ariane

Kale Cakes: A clean breakfast, side dish or snack!

Every time I post a picture of my kale cakes on Facebook or Instagram, I get recipe requests. So, let me tell you a bit more about this magical cake that you can have and eat, too: I discovered these about 4 years ago on one of my weekend trips to Woodstock. There’s a store called “Sunfrost” that sells organic produce and they have a juice/breakfast bar with delicious dishes. That’s where I had my first kale cake. They are pretty much the perfect veggie dish because you can have them for breakfast with your eggs, or as side dish for lunch or dinner with your protein. Or, you can just eat them as a snack.


Here it goes:


1 lb kale(lightly steamed and then chopped finely)

2 onions (chopped finely)
3 garlic cloves (chopped finely)
6 eggs (beaten)
1/2 cup corn (can be the frozen kind you defrosted or fresh)
Flour (I use whole wheat or almond flour – just a dusting to make it stick together a bit)
pepper and salt
olive oil or coconut oil

Step 1: Steam the kale in a steamer for a few minutes. You want the leaves to still be crisp. It’s just right when the leaves get that bright green color. Chop it fine.

Step 2: Stir-fry the chopped onions and garlic in a pan and then add the corn to it to lightly brown everything.

Step 3: Combine the kale, onions, and corn in a big bowl and then add the beaten eggs, along with your seasoning and flour. Mix it all together with your hands and let it all cool down to room temperature.

Step 4: Heat coconut or olive oil in a big frying pan. Form burger-shaped patties with the veggies and then sit them in the pan and flatten them with a spatula. That way the egg mixture can evenly distribute and glue it all together.Cook both sides until golden brown.

Serve them warm or cold. I have a total addiction to these.

Werde Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Trainer in Deutschland!

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp (BBBC)
Deutsche Trainer Ausbildung
3-8 Juni, 2016, New York City
Komme nach New York und trainiere mit Ariane Hundt fuer 5 Tage in New York. Lerne wie sie aus dem Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp ein Erfolgskonzept gemacht hat, das nun eine Internationale Mediensensation ist. Schliesse die Ausbildung erfolgreich ab und du kriegst die Moeglichkeit BBBC in deiner Stadt in Deutschland, Oesterreich oder der Schweiz das Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp zu lehren.
Zielgruppe:Deutsche ausgebildete Trainer mit mindestens einer B-Lizenz, die die BBBC Methode in Deutschland als Group Exercise Class lehren moechten und ihre eigene Lizenz fuer BBBC halten moechten.
Was bietet das 5-taegige Programm an?
Ca. 40 Stunden Praxis und Theorie, Boot Camp Philosophie und Trainingskonzepte
Businesstraining: Marketing, soziale Medien, Werbung, Vermarktung, Kundenanbahnung und Betreuung (Tore Friedrichs – Fitnesskaufmann, Motivationstalent und Verkaufsexperte)
Abschliessender Test in Theorie und Praxis um zu beweisen, dass du gewappnet bist in deiner Stadt in Deutschland das BBBC starten kannst.
Ernaehrungskonzepte, die deinen Klienten schnelle und anhaltende Resultate bringen
Lizenzierung des BBBC um dein eigener Chef zu werden
Ein BBBC Trainer T-shirt oder Tank Top, damit auch jeder weiss, wo du Butt-Kicking with a view gemacht hast.
Warum BBBC Trainer werden?
Der Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Training Kurs ist fr Trainer, die gerne die Erfolgsmethode aus New York in Deutschland lehren moechten. Der Kurs bietet dir die Moeglichkeit vor Ort zu sehen, wo und wie das BBBC gestartet wurde und wie es so erfolgreich wurde. Mit dem Kurs bekommst du einen tiefen Einblick ins Gruppentraining, lernst inspirierende Techniken, die deine Klienten in die beste Form ihres Lebens kriegen, lernt wie man eine bewhrte Fitnessmethode an den neuen Kunden bringt, und wie du Kunden fuers Leben anziehst. Lerne wie man Boot Camp zugaenglich fuer jegliche Zielgruppe macht und anspruchsvolle und effective High-Intensity-Interval-Klassen lehrt, die Spass machen und dir helfen dein eigener Chef zu werden.
Du hast am Abschluss der Ausbildung die Moeglichkeit die Lizenz fuer Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Deutschland zu bekommen, um den Namen “Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp” zu verwenden, und um dich selbst als Trainer und deine Klassen zu vermarkten.
Erhalte Zugang zu einer Online Gruppenseite auf dem du Videolehrgaenge , Werbematerialien, Musik und zusaetzliche Verdienstmoeglichkeiten finden wirst und dich mit anderen BBBC Trainern austauschen kannst. Du wirst auch auf der Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Deutschland Webseite gelistet als lizensierter und ausgebildeter Trainer, damit Kunden dich finden und du damit Werbung machen kannst.
outdoor boot camp option
Preis:$899 (Hotel und Flug nicht inklusive) wenn du bis zum 1. April Deine Anzahlung machst. Nach dem 2. April kostet es $999.
Teilnehmerzahl ist stark limitiert
Eine Anzahlung von $399 reserviert dir deinen Platz. Die Gesamtzahlung der restlichen $500 ist am 1. April 2016 faellig.
Falls deine Teilnahme abgesagt werden muss, kannst du bis zum 1. Mai die Anzahlung zurueckerstattet kriegen. Nach dem 1. Mai ist keine Rueckerstattung moeglich.
Fuer detaillierte Ausbildungsinhalte und Fragen emaile bitte
>Success Stories - What Participants are saying...
Fluege & Unterkunft:Die folgenden Webseiten sind hilfreich: miete dir eine wohnung in new york discount Hotels in NYC fuer guenstige Fluege guenstige Fluege
Unser Training fngt am 3. Juni abends an, also kannst du gerne am 3. Juni abreisen. Wir werden den gesamten 8. Juni trainieren, also erst nach 18 Uhr oder am nchsten Tag abreisen.
Workshops finden auf der Brooklyn Bridge statt (downtown), im Central Park (Midtown West – 59th Street und Broadway) und Union Square (14th Street und Broadway) statt.
Falls du mit anderen Trainern eine Unterkunft teilen mchtest, kann ich Euch gerne verbinden.
Bis Juni!
Cheers, Ariane Hundt

Belize Fitness & Adventure Retreat in the Mayan Jungle and Beach

April 2-9 2016

Join Ariane Hundt of Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp and Stefanie DiLibero of Gotham Wellness for a magical week of fun, fitness, yoga & adventures in Belize!



Enjoy boot camp classes surrounded by toucans & hummingbirds. Practice yoga by candlelight as the sun sets behind the mountains & the sea.Enjoy organic farm to table meals with a Caribbean flair. Snorkel, dive or sea kayak in the worlds second largest coral reef system. Ride horses through lush jungle, explore caves filled with Mayan pottery, float under waterfalls. Swim in the ocean or a spring-fed swimming pool. Hike Mayan ruins, canoe or tube through caves and rivers. Indulge in spa treatments & dance to live Garifuna drumming. Journey to Guatemala for a day & discover the ancient city of Tikal.



  • 7 nights accommodations (4 in jungle eco-lodge; 3 in beachfront resort with spa)
  • 7 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 dinners
  • Daily boot camp fitness classes
  • Daily relaxing yoga classes
  • 2 onsite jungle adventures of your choice
  • Unlimited use of sea kayaks, snorkel equipment, bikes, & lounge chairs at the beach
  • Fat Burning Nutrition workshop with Ariane
  • Goal setting workshop
  • Vision Board Creating Night
  • Daily meditation, relaxation and stretching
  • Acupuncture Happy Hour with Stefanie
  • All in-country transportation (BZE-jungle-beach-BZE)



April 2-6 Cayo District, Belize (Jungle)

Your first four nights will be spent in a remote & highly rated ecolodge nestled between the Mayan mountains and the Macal River. All meals are organic, farm-to-table, and included. Dinners are a 4-course, candlelit affair. Boot camp classes will be held outdoors in rugged terrain, yoga classes in an open-air riverside palapa. There are hiking trails, horses, over 280 species of birds, nearby caves, waterfalls, and Mayan ruins. For swimming, there is a spring-fed swimming pool, and a sandy beach by the river.


There are a variety of adventure activities available onsite.Of these onsite activities (guided river canoeing, river tubing, guided hiking, guided night hiking, guided birding) two are included. Additional on-site activities, and off site activities are available for an additional fee (examples: Tikal, horseback riding, waterfall hikes, caving, Mayan ruins).

Each cabin has one, two or three beds. The rooms with three beds are slightly larger than the rooms with one or two beds.All cabins have modern bathrooms, ceiling fans and hammocks.

  • If you bookSingle Jungleyou will have your own cabin.
  • If you book Double Jungleyou will share your cabin with one other person & will have your own bed.
  • If you bookTriple Jungleyou will share your cabin with two other people & have your own bed.

Diet: If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know at the time of booking


April 7-9, Hopkins, Belize (Beach)

Our lastthree nights will be spent at a small Caribbean resort hotel on the longest & finest stretch of beach in the country, one mile from the small fishing village of Hopkins, considered to be the center of Garifuna culture in Belize.


Relax in two fresh waterswimming pools, a whirlpool, or the onsite spa & restaurant. Enjoy unlimited & complimentary use of kayaks, bicycles, snorkel equipment, beach volleyball, lounge chairs & hammocks. Bike into town to explore local culture. Off-site excursions & spa treatments are available for an additional fee (examples: reef diving, bio-luminescence tour, hot stone massage).

Daily buffet breakfast at the restaurant is included (eggs, fruit, baked goods, juice, coffee). Lunch and dinner can be had at the onsite restaurant for $10-20 or in town for cheaper. You can dine with the group or go off on your own if you prefer. There will be complimentary live drumming and dancing after dinner one night.


There are two different types of accommodations: cabanas and two bedroom suites. All accommodation types have a/c, ceiling fans, safes, mini-fridges, internet, TV, hair dryers, beach towels, purified water dispensers, and coffee maker

Cabanas are spacious, bright and airy with vaulted ceilings and tiled floors.

  • If you selectBeach Single Cabana,you will stay in your own cabana with your own bed and private bathroom.Nothing will be shared.


Two bedrooms suites contain two bedrooms and two bathrooms. One bedroom has one queen bed and a private bathroom; the other bedroom has two twin beds and a private bathroom. The living area and kitchenette is shared between both rooms. Two-bedroom suites are over 1,000 sq ft & have large living areas & kitchenettes, and balconies or patios.

  • If you selectBeach Single Suiteyou will have your own private bedroom & private bathroom, sleep on queen bed, & share common areas with two others.
  • If you selectBeach Double Suiteyou will share a bedroom & bathroom with one other person, sleep in a twin bed, and share the common areas with one additional person.



Early bird rates available until February 15, 2016

If you come on your own, weare happy to pair you up with another single participant.

How to determine pricing: Choose what jungle room you want and then select your beach accommodation choice. The corresponding rate is listed in the 3rd column.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.20.06 PM

In order to secure your spot and guarantee early bird rates, a non-refundable $400 deposit is due by February 15, 2016. Payment in full is due February 16, 2016.

Once youve put down your deposit, please contact Stefanie DiLibero of Boston Integrative Wellness at to secure your room options.


Please fly into Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (BZE airport code). Make sure your flight is scheduled to arrive in Belize before 3:30pm on Sunday, April 19, 2015 in order to make one of our shuttles. You will bel picked at the (tiny!) airport and betransferredwith other participants to our jungle ecolodge.In order to return with our group shuttle to BZE from Hopkins, your flight must depart after 11am.

If it is not possible to find flights at such times, we can suggest convenient accommodations that suit your budget and also help you arrange private transportation with a van or taxi to and from the airport. We will send more info about the shuttles once everyones flight arrangements have been made.



You are required to carry emergency medical evacuation travel insurance, valid during the retreats duration, in order to attend this retreat. Please make sure you are aware of your carriers coverage and policies. Purchase a policy that includes emergency medical evacuation, flight cancellation/delay, international medical coverage, and trip cancellation, at minimum. You are also required tosign a release form prior to your departure from your country of origin. Failure to do so will result in the inability to participate on the retreat, and no refunds will be given.

Sample Schedule:

7am:Jungle Boot Camp
Farm-fresh Breakfast
9-12:Adventure or leisure. Tubing, caving, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, Mayan ruins, swimming pool, waterfalls, hammock, reading, napping,

12-1pm:Organic Lunch
1-2pm:Fat Burning Nutrition Workshop
2-4pm:Acupuncture Happy Hour
7pm:4 course organic farm to table dinner by candlelight
Optional night hike or workshops

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.46.28 PM

By placing your $400 deposit with us, you are agreeing to this policy:

If cancellation takes place more than 50 days prior to your departure date, any payments made, will be refunded minus your deposit. If cancellation takes place between 20-50 days prior to your departure, 50% of the trip price will be forfeited. If cancellation takes place less than 20 days prior to your departure date, 100% of the trip price will be forfeited.All prices are per/person and include a non-refundable deposit. Final payments for full fee are due on February 15, 2016.


3-Day Detox Retreat, Upstate New York: May 6-8, 2016

Join Ariane Hundt in Phoenicia, Upstate New York for 3 days of detoxification, boot camp, yoga, and hiking. On this Mother’s Day weekend, why not treat your mom to a getaway weekend that will leave her feeling relaxed, lighter, calmer and with new friendships!

We will be staying at the beautiful Menla Mountain Tibetan Retreat Center, about 2 hours north of New York City. Enjoy daily hikes, boot camp workouts, yoga, spa treatments and amazing vegetarian detox cuisine.


Your weekend includes:

    • 2 nights of accommodations
    • 2 full breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners (delicious vegetarian detox meals)
    • NutriBullet veggie bar to make your own smoothies all day long
    • Daily boot camp workouts with Ariane
    • Daily stretching
    • Daily meditation
    • One Yoga class
    • Daily hikes
    • Workshop: Create the life you want & Vision Boards
    • Group Hypnosis session for weight loss and relaxation
    • Nutrition Workshop: Detox & Metabolism
    • Cooking demonstration



Ariane, the retreat weekend was amazing. I especially liked the workshops focused on making positive changes that we can implement going forward. The weekend was a great way for me to focus on my own personal changes that Ive already began working on. Everyone in the group was amazing as well, so Im so appreciative of this experience. I will definitely do it again.Thank you,Taria

I signed up for this retreat thinking of it mostly as a chance to get out of the city and for a physically intensive week. While I certainly did get what I was looking for, I also got so much more. I walked away from this weekend with a more positive outlook, a better understanding of my own struggles, great new ideas for the kitchen in the clean eating realm, confidence in myself that I can complete six workouts in three days (the Ariane kind), much flatter abs, and beautiful clean air in my lungs. I think this weekend was pretty much perfect. -Nicole Z.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 12_37_27 PM

When I arrived, I wasnt sure what to expect. I was excited to be in such a lovely, familiar-yet missed place. I was a little nervous about the commitment to exercising after Id been out of the game for a couple of weeks. Now that commencement has arrived, I cannot wait for our next journey together. It was more than I could have hoped for spiritually, mentally, and physically. The biggest thing I came out learning is that neednt be so fearful of the unknown.Each time something began whether it be exercising, hiking, the writing exercises, on day 2, vision board, or this assignment Im taking on now, I had fear or reservations of some sort. It comes through particularly in my job, but now I truly understand that there is no need- because the power of your mind is everything- and I have to learn that I can do absolutely anything I set my mind to.Thank you for your guidance and your ever-abundant energy. You are an inspiration. See you here next year -Donna A.


I cant thank you enough for this weekend. It was life changing. You are incredible. You are so strong on the inside and outside. Thank you for showing us how to lead a life full of health and confidence. I woke up at 6:45 am this morning and went for a run. My legs were killing me from squats, jumps, and lunges but i fought through it! I was actually in my head saying to myself what Joseph says: Hasa Oosa!!:)I spoke to my mom all day today about all that I learned at the weekend workshop. She was so excited. I am hoping to make it to your class this summer! Forever grateful. – Maureen W.


I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and putting together an awesome retreat. It was peaceful, emotional, and relaxing all at the same time. It is pretty scary when you come to realizations and feelings you did not know you had. Anyway, thank you- I have a lot to think about -Deb


Do as little or as much as you like


10.30am 12.45pm Check in

12.45pm Lunch

1.30pm 2.5 Hour Hike

4.30pm Workshop: Nutrition, Detox & Metabolism – How to eat for health, a fast metabolism and a lean body

6pm: Dinner

7.15pm – Meet your new friends


Saturday, June 6

6.45-7.45am Boot Camp Workout with Ariane

8am Breakfast & Cooking Demo

9amWorkshop: Create the life you want

12pm Lunch

12.30pm 5.30pm Spa Treatments/ Massages/Sauna/Pool time/ Hiking

4.30pm Boot Camp Workout with Ariane

6pm Dinner

7.15pm Workshop: Vision boards & Surprise


Sunday, June 7

6.45-7.45am Boot Camp Workout with Ariane

8am Breakfast (eat light before yoga!)

9.30-10.45am YOGA

11-11.45am Group Hypnosis Session

12pm Lunch

12-2pm Spa treatments

2pm Departure & Free-time to enjoy in Woodstock (car share to get there)


Snacks:Enjoy a NutriBullet shake anytime from the veggie bar. Coffee, Tea and Water are available all day.


Pricing per person:

Standard Accommodations with shared bathrooms


Single Occupancy: $700

Double Occupancy: $625

Triple Occupancy: $550

Quad Occupancy: $475



Deluxe Accommodationswith private bathroom, Wi-Fi, Telephone – add $250 to each category

Single $950

Double $875

Triple $800

By placing your $400 deposit with us, you are agreeing to this policy:

If cancellation takes place more than 60 days prior to your departure date, any payments made, will be refunded minus your deposit. If cancellation takes place between 20-60 days prior to your departure, 50% of the trip price will be forfeited. If cancellation takes place less than 20 days prior to your departure date, 100% of the trip price will be forfeited.All prices are per/person and include a non-refundable deposit. Final payments for full fee are due on April 1st, 2016.


Transportation options:

Adirondack Trailways BUS (from Port Authority to Phoenicia about 2.5 hours): $66.50 R/T plus $5 shuttle pick-up by Menla

Amtrak NYC to Rhinecliff (1.45 hours): Prices starting at $80 R/T. Take Taxi to Phoenicia for about $60.

Or use your own transportation.


About Ariane:

Ariane is a New York City-based Clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. She has a refreshingly interactive and comprehensive approach to helping her clients achieve the physical self they desire.

Ariane is a media dynamo, featured in over 150 media outlets, including the New York Times, NBC, ABC, German TV and magazines for her creation, the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp and for her nutrition expertise.

Arianes fitness philosophy is simple: A fit and lean body is the result of a healthy lifestyle that consists of balanced nutrition, effective exercise, and a positive sense of self. Rather than promoting temporary dieting, Ariane believes in incorporating simple, yet effective lifestyle changes that bring about dramatic results. She specializes in fat loss, health conditioning and draws from a diverse background in fitness, nutrition, preventative care, hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Sign Up Here!

Questions: Please email or call 646-354-0039

I look forward to seeing you in May!

Looking for a great protein bar that only costs $1?

Protein bars are a great way to get a snack in when on the run or right after a workout when you can’t eat a meal. The market is loaded with bars and it’s hard for the average consumer to figure out which one to use for your goals and which ingredients to look for.

I discovered OATMEGA bars at last year’s Triathlon expo in New York. I was immediately taken by the unique ingredient: omega-3 fatty acids, which I only get by eating fatty fish or by taking my fish oil supplement. This fatty acid is so important to prevent inflammation, help with fat burning and gives you glowing skin, hair and nails. I had never seen it in a bar and after sampling it, I was hooked. So much so, that I included it as one of the Top 5 Best Nutrition Bars in the Well & Good Nutrition Bar Review.

Each bar has

  • about 15 g of protein (ideal right after a workout or to fill up),
  • less than 10g of fat and
  • about 7 grams of fiber, which is sure to fill you up.
  • Plus, no more than 5g of sugar, which is hard to find

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.23.47 AM

Additionally, the ingredients are organic, they are sweetened with Luo Han Fruit Extract, which is an Asian fruit that does not impact your blood sugar. The protein is sourced from grass-fed cows. Why is that important? You’re getting higher quality, more CLA (a fatty acid linked to leaner physiques), and no hormones. All bars are soy-free, not-genetically modified, and gluten free, so what more do you want?

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.23.29 AM

I also love the company’s mission to contribute and give back.

Are you ready to try them? Join me tomorrow, Saturday, January 23rd at 10am for my Body Burn class and walk home with two samples.
Sign up here. See you at Stepping Out Studios, 37 W. 26th Street (Bway & 6th Ave)

If you’re a fan, order your own box of 12 at 50% off. That’s only $1 per bar!

Shop here and enter code BBBC50

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.24.45 AM





Clinical Nutritionist, Fitness Expert


The December Slim & Strong Winner lost 6.9% body fat!

Raquel won Slim & Strong December!
During a time when most people struggle with the abundance of temptations and parties everywhere, the majority of my Slim & Strong Program participants did very well. Many were able to say no to the alcohol at holiday parties, managed to enjoy just a little instead of overdoing it and feeling terrible the next day.
Raquel joined Slim & Strong with the goal to get leaner and get more defined. She put to use all she learned in the nutrition workshop, the daily emails and asked questions when things were unclear. She even went on vacation during the program and came back feeling lighter and fitter. She reported that in previous vacations she’d let herself go, but this time around she not only worked out regularly, but also chose healthy foods that made her feel good in her bikini. She even noticed that family members were feeling the effects of too many carbs and felt lethargic hours after big meals – she had never noticed that before and now she could spot what they could be doing better.
I want to congratulate Raquel for losing 6.9% body fat, 6 inches and 2% of her original weight.
I’m very happy for her because the greatest shift happened in her mindset. Once she learned about the connection of food and mood/energy/cravings, she was able to implement the changes that created such dramatic fat loss. Even while on vacation she stuck with morning workouts and clean meals with only a few indulgences and returned feeling amazing.
Rock on and enjoy the $250!

How did Andres lose 24 lbs in 2 months?

Andres joined my Slim & Strong Metabolism program in November. He emailed me and said he needed to get his butt kicked hard because he was super out of shape. I promised him I’d do that for him (of course, it’s my job :-)

Andres started coming to 3 Body Burn classes a week and worked hard to get stronger push ups, hold his planks longer, keep up with the cardio moves and plyometrics. At the end of the month he was a bit disappointed by his results. He had lost 2 lbs, but had gained a ton of stamina and strength. I suggested he’d clean up his diet more to see more fat loss as 80% of fat loss is the result of clean eating, not exercise alone. He was ready to work with me on his nutrition and sent me his food diary. It included granola, orange juice and milk for breakfast. Sure enough, that alone would make him hungrier the rest of the day and prevent his energy from being balanced. I suggested he switch to eggs, omelettes, egg sandwiches for breakfast, but Andres said he didn’t have time for that. I convinced him that getting up 5 or 10 minutes earlier to devote the time to eating a proper breakfast would pay off later on in the day. Not only would the 5 or 10 minutes of lost sleep pay off later on in the day with much better energy, but he’d also be a heck of a lot more productive if he ate better meals that gave him energy, instead of leaving him drained. He then decided to put the breakfast changes into action and sure enough, he was less hungry later on in the day, was able to stay up later without crashing and got more stuff done. Noticing the changes of just one meal made him excited about changing his lunch and dinner as well and sure enough it paid off.

The results of the December session were amazing. He lost 17 lbs in those 4 weeks and that during the most challenging time of the year – with holiday parties going on, booze and cookies everywhere! After the December session ended we discussed strategy for the weeks we were on break. He committed to continuing to work out in the gym with a routine I sent out and to keep an eye on his carb intake. When Andres returned this week, the whole class did a double take – 24 lbs lighter and his shirts are now just hanging off him.


I asked Andres to write down the exact changes he implemented. Here it goes:

“This is a list of the changes I made:

Breakfast: I used to eat granola with milk and drink orange juice. Now I eat eggs with onions and tomatoes and sometimes a bit of mozzarella and whole wheat toast and tea.

Lunch: Instead of a wrap or sandwich, I became the salad expert. I usually add fish or turkey if I’m very hungry.

Snack and dessert: Greek yogurt with almonds, blueberries and blackberries

Dinner: Salad with fish or chicken. I eat out a lot and usually order fish with veggies.

I cut out all desserts and sweets. When I’m drinking with friends I try to stay with red wine.

Workouts: I stayed super active: 3 Body Burn classes a week with Ariane, biking and weights when possible. It goes without saying that I feel amazing with lots of energy and stamina.

And that’s it! Nice and easy! Maybe not that easy, but the mindset change that made the biggest difference was to stop ritualizing all eating moments. Before, my salad consumption was minimal to never and I realize that was one of the biggest changes. I used to tease Ariane that Green would be my middle name. Now it is.”


Andres made a few changes, but he made them consistently and he knew why he was making them. There was no guessing what would work. There was no trial and error. We pinpointed exactly what had to change and it paid off immediately. Congrats Andres! Rock on!

The #1 trick to speeding up your metabolism

Clean eating creates fat loss, sure. Combine a lean protein with a veggie and within 2-3 days you’ll be in fat burning mode. That’s the simple way of putting it. However, there are a lot more things to know about your metabolism because if it was that easy, then everyone would be lean and fabulous already.


The good news is that you’ll see great results on any kind of diet you’ll start. You’re taking in fewer calories, exercise more and before you know it, the first 10 lbs are off. However, your metabolism is very smart and it adapts to everything you do and that’s why most diets will create a plateau within just about 3-4 weeks. Let me give you an example: Last year I started biking long distances in April. I started out with 4-hour rides to New Jersey. I’d have some starch in my dinner the night before, an egg sandwich the morning of the ride and 4 BonkBreaker bars during the ride (each has about 280 calories). After I got back, I’d have a big egg omelette with veggies, 2 slices of bread, and a few slices of bacon. For a good 2 months, I felt hungry during the ride and for hours afterwards and felt tired and spent most of my riding day.


As I continued to cycle, my metabolism adjusted to the training. It became more efficient at using my body fat for energy. My muscles didn’t need that much glucose anymore to fuel my rides, and my muscles adapted to the endurance. By July I didn’t require nearly as much fuel. I’d continue to have my egg sandwich before the ride but needed no more than 1 bar during that 4-hour ride. After the ride I’d have an omelette with veggies and 2 slices of bread and bacon here and there. The rest of the day I wasn’t hungry, had good energy and was able to do other things with enthusiasm. Within just a few weeks, my metabolism had adapted to what I put it through and it required less calories to do the same job.

You have to keep in mind that your metabolism will adapt to anything you put it through. So, when you start Slim & Strong and work out 3x a week, you will make the biggest fat loss changes in the first 2-3 weeks, but then your body will be so well trained, that it will no longer burn that many calories to do the same work. That’s why it is important to mix things up in the nutrition and exercise department. You want to avoid the metabolic compensation. How is that best done? You eat slightly more on intense exercise days and keep it low-carb on non-exercise days. You’ll match your carb intake based on you energy expenditure. Makes sense? Here’s an example:

Rest-Day Nutrition:

Heres an ideal day of eating for non-exercise days or rest days or when youre only walking, doing yoga or pilates.

Since youre not burning off calories or strength training, there is no need to feed your body with plenty of carbs from starches.

  • Aim for 3-4 meals, every 3-4 hours
  • Eat more carbs in the morning and fewer in the evening to allow the carbs to be used for energy during the day
  • Youre skipping sugar and starches
  • Every meal consists of a lean protein and veggies

Breakfast: 3 eggs with veggies (omelette), or 3 eggs on toasted whole grain bread, or veggie fritatta

Snack: 3 slices of turkey on 1 slice of whole grain bread or 2 boiled eggs with veggie crudite

Lunch: big green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, grilled chicken and lemon juice dressing

Snack: protein shake (orgain vanilla) with unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Dinner: grilled salmon with roasted brussels sprouts


Workout Day Nutrition:

Heres an ideal day of eating on workout days, such as strength training, high-intensity-interval-training, endurance exercise, such as long-distance biking or running for longer than an hour. You want to have enough carbs to fuel your workouts and to ensure recovery. You need protein post-workout to stimulate muscle repair and recovery. You dont want to eat fat right before or right after your workout as that slows down the absorption of the carbs for energy. Eat more carbs in the meal before your workout and in the meal after your workout (30g is plenty).

Scenario 1: 6.30am Morning Workout (Body Burn)

8am (eating within an hour of completing your strength/cardio workout is key to prevent hunger later on in the day and allows for recovery).

Breakfast: 3-egg omelette with mushrooms, onions, peppers and 1 slice of whole grain bread

Snack: Protein shake with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and spinach, 2 strawberries

Lunch: Grilled chicken with butternut squash and broccoli (heres a bit of starch added to ensure adequate satiation and to refuel, and it prevents late-night hunger)

Snack: Veggie smoothie frozen cauliflower, 2 strawberries, frozen butternut squash with protein powder and water

Dinner: Grilled seabass with grilled asparagus


Scenario 2: Evening Workout (Body Burn)

Breakfast: 3 eggs with veggies

Snack: Protein shake with protein powder and spinach, 2 berries

Lunch: Grilled chicken with butternut squash and broccoli (adding starch here to fuel the evening workout)

Snack (about 1.5 hours before your workout): 1 slice of whole grain bread (Mestemacher or Bread Alone) with 3 slices of turkey

6.30pm Evening workout

8-8.30pm Dinner: Grilled chicken with broccoli and butternut squash (adding a bit of starch here to refuel after the evening workout and to ensure your blood sugar stays balanced throughout the night).


How to make it work:

  • If you work out in the morning, try to do so on an empty stomach. It will teach your body to go into fat burning mode. It won’t happen in the first workout, but give it a few sessions to see your energy increase without food.
  • Eat your breakfast within an hour of finishing your workout.
  • Have a little starch in the meal after your workout.
  • If you work out in the evening, then fuel your workout with a bit of starch during lunch and add a bit in your afternoon snack, so that energy is available during your evening workout. You can refuel with a few bites of starch right after your workout or can choose to stick with veggies only if your blood sugar stays balanced.

How do you know this way of eating works for you?

  • Your appetite is controlled:

If youre hungry, then up your veggies and protein.

  • Your energy is balanced:

If your energy is low, then add more veggies.

  • You have no cravings for sweets:

If you have sweet cravings, you may have cut the carbs too low. You may also be sleep deprived or have worked out too much and didnt eat enough. Your hormones might be to blame (PMS cravings normal), or you have still be eating sweets, which makes you crave more.

The best way to fight cravings is with dark cocoa. Buy unsweetened dark organic cocoa and make a hot chocolate by adding it to hot unsweetened vanilla almond milk with a bit of Stevia. It will kill any cravings without sugar.

  • Your sleep is uninterrupted

If you wake up during the night with racing thoughts, it could be a sign that youre overdoing it and this can signify a stress response.

  • Your mood is balanced

If you feel moody, on the edge, irritated, depressed or anxious for no obvious reason, this too could be a sign of stress from overexercising, underrating, not getting enough rest and nutrient deficiencies.

Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all-diet that works for everyone. If you neglect to check in with yourself to see if something works for you or not, youre just following guidelines rigidly and won’t make the connection to your own body. You need to use guidelines and adjust them based on how you feel.After all, you are what you eat and you’ll look it too.


Feel free to touch base with me if you have questions or want to dive deeper into nutrition. As Clinical Nutritionist, I specialize in fat loss, endurance nutrition, health issues (diabetes, cholesterol, inflammation) and metabolic damage.


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