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Why your workouts might actually be sabotaging your metabolism

I’m so happy that Well & Good wrote about a topic that is near and dear to me. In the recent year and a half I have seen more people dealing with this issue than ever before. Metabolic Damage. These are mostly women who try to lose weight but experience the complete opposite of health […]

Is your approach to fat loss customized or one size-fits-all?

Whenever I get a phone call from someone inquiring about one-on-one nutrition coaching who used to go to Weight Watchers, I have the following thoughts She’ll likely have really high body fat (Weight Watchers people lose a lot of muscle due to too little protein, low calorie intake and lack of strength training) She will […]

After the Biggest Loser…

I’ve received so many emails from people today sharing the NY Times article and asking for my take, I figured I’d write a blog post.  The article discusses how the participants of the Biggest Loser lost a lot of weight in the shows, but almost all of them have gained back the weight lost and […]

From the Nutritionist’s Office: Stopping the binge to lose fat

I had another great follow-up with a nutrition client I’ve been working with for a month. She’s dropped an easy 7 pounds by eliminating her binge eating episodes. Her biggest issue were here sugar cravings. They would show up out of nowhere and she’d go for anything within sight: the ice cream in the freezer, […]

How to make your clean eating a fat loss success!

My Slim & Strong participants started their clean eating plan this week and the first food diaries are coming in. Here’s one from Andrea, who is planning her week. Take a look at what she has in mind and how she will have to navigate her week to make fat loss happen: Ariane,Here is my […]

How did these women lose so much body fat in only 4 weeks?

I haven’t seen such impressive results in several months. The March participants lost a massive amount of body fat, pounds and inches. Here are the winners: Evette lost 5.2 lbs, 5 inches, and 5.1% body fat. That translates into having put on 6% of muscle. Imagine what that will do for her metabolism. All that […]

Are you experiencing the right SYMPTOMS of fat loss?

Two weeks into Slim & Strong I ask my participants to take stock of the changes they’ve experienced. I’m not asking how much weight they lost or how much body fat they’ve lost, how many hours they’ve spent working out. No, what I want to know is whether they’re working the program and showing the […]

The more exercise, the better: Why not to fall into this trap!

When I look around at people who want to lose weight and get in better shape, I see in practice the mindset of “more is better”. They realize they’re out of shape, they feel fat and unhappy in their skin. At their most unhappy, they then decide that working out worked last time and they […]

This is how she lost 9 lbs in 4 weeks!

For the February Slim & Strong session I gave away 3 free spots under the following conditions: The person had to commit to 3x weekly Slim & Strong workouts, send me a daily food diary and check in with me once a week to talk strategy. Close to 50 people applied for the spots and […]

Is it possible to spot-reduce my belly fat?

  Hi Ariane, This may be a silly question or maybe a common one. I know we all have different body types which lead to a concentration of body fat in certain areas. But is there actually a way to target the specific area where we accumulate the most fat? Or is it just about […]