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    Define your abs and arms, slim your hips and thighs, lift your butt and burn at least 800 calories!


Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp incorporates exercises that uses your own body weight, the bridge structures, benches, and a special type of resistance bands to bring about amazing results for your trouble zones. Your heart rate will be elevated at all times (trust us – this is a good thing), and you’ll feel challenged like never before.

Ariane Hundt, founder of the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp uses this masterpiece of steel, wire, and cables as her outdoor gym, where her boot camp participants find themselves

- burning up to 800 calories per hour
- having a changed body in 5 sessions
- toning their arms and abs, slenderizing their hips and thighs, and lifting their butt.

Join a fun, fearless group that share similar goals, bask in the panoramic view of New York City, and redefine yourself, both physically and mentally, at Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp.


Our team is a family of passionate and driven superheroes. We understand the importance of a killer support system and how rewarding a BUTT-KICKING lifestyle is. Are you ready to be a part of our community? There’s no better time than right now.



who will inspire you to experience the same life-changing commitment to fitness and health. JOIN US →

If you need a kick in the butt..

Ariane and her crew make you discover muscles you’ve never used before. MORE →
RachaelBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

I had no idea where Ariane would take me.

There are many good trainers who will help build muscle. There are few who inspire the change to a fully healthy lifestyle. That’s Ariane’s gift. MORE →
Jay F.
Jay F.Personal Training

Your whole life improves, you feel free, strong, and energetic.

Before my nutrition consultation with Ariane I was clueless about how to finally lose weight. It has been two months since my Skype nutrition consultation with Ariane. It marked a turning point and completely changed things. I have lost 33 pounds so far, from 176 to 143 lbs. My favorite clothes fit again and I have a bunch of new ones, and I am happy and feel young. MORE →
Leonie H.
Leonie H.Private Skype Nutrition Consultation

I attribute it ALL to Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp, and to you.

I met dozens of people who had been training for the expedition .. And I beat them all! I wasn’t kidding when I said, if you want to climb a mountain or seven, sign up now! Thank you. MORE →
KanakaSlim & Strong

This Detox was really an eye-opener for me.

It was been a long time since I have felt so good and confident in my body, full of energy, willingness to exercise and to do outdoor activities. MORE →
JoanaNutriBullet Detox

I LOVE the workout!

I have done it 6 times already and I’m seeing amazing changes in pulse rate (less than 50 bpm now!), overall muscle tone and well being. MORE →
AshleyBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD

The trip to Costa Rica was fantastic.

I felt like I challenged myself physically every single day and also had the room to choose peace, quiet and relaxation when I needed it. MORE →
JeniCosta Rica Surf & Boot Camp Retreat

I left feeling super energized

(and sore the next day…)! It was so beautiful to exercise on the bridge and Ariane led a great class. MORE →
JenniferBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

I think this weekend was pretty much perfect.

I walked away from this weekend with a more positive outlook, a better understanding of my own and other’s struggles, confidence in myself, much flatter abs and beautiful clean air in my lungs. MORE →
Nicole Z.
Nicole Z.3-Day Detox Weekend Retreat